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Ana- Claudia Bara

SNSPMS, Bucharest, Romania

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Born: 1900

Interests: medical sociology, health policy, public health, demography

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Selected publications:
• Grigoryan L, Burgerhof J, Ruskamp F, Degener J, Deschepper R, Monnet D, Matteo A, Scicluna E, Bara AC, Lundborg C, Birkin J. Is self-medication with antibiotics in Europe driven by prescribed use?. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 59, 2007.
• Rahmqvist M, Bara AC. Patients retrieving information via the Internet: a trend analysis of a Swedish population, 2000–2005. In European Journal of Public Health, 16. 2006.
• Grigoryan L, Ruskamp F, Burgerhof J, Mechtler R, Deschepper R, Tambic-Andrasevic A, Andrajati R, Monnet D, Cunney R, Matteo A, Edelstein H, Valinteliene R, Alkerwi A, Scicluna E, Grzesiowski P, Bara A C, Tesar T, Cizman M, Campos J, Lundborg C. Self-medication with antibiotics in the general population: a survey in nineteen European countries. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 12, 2006.
• Bara AC, Heuvel WJA van den, Dijk JP van. Inequalities in health care users’ expectations about their physicians. European Journal of Public Health, Supplement 14, 2004.
• Bara AC, Heuvel WJA van den. Patient status in Romanian health care system. In European Journal of Public Health, Supplement 13. 2003.
• Claudia Bara. The Romanian Health Care System in Transition from the Users’ Perspective. Northern Centre for Healthcare Research, Groningen, 2003.
• Bara AC, Heuvel WJA van den, Maarse JAM, Witte LP, Dijk JP van. . Opinions on changes in Romanian health care system from the people’s point of view: a descriptive study. Health Policy, 66 (2), pp. 123-134, 2003.
• Ana-Claudia Bara, Wim J. A. van den Heuvel, Johannes A. M. Maarse. Reforms of Health Care System in Romania. Croatian Medical Journal, 43, pp. 446-452, 2002.


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