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Albu Bujor Gabriel

Research Center for Macromolecular Materials and Membranes, Bucharest, Romania

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Personal web page:
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Born: 1950

Interests: membranes, characterization, transfer, modelling

Experience in membrane characterization (pore size measurements by wet-dry porometry Coulter Porometer II, fluid permeability, cut-off measurements at the Research Center for Macromolecular Materials and Membranes).
Experience in membrane separation processes (microfiltration and ultrafiltration).
Experience in computer modeling and simulation (non-linear fitting, fuzzy modeling)
Knowledge of FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, MATHCAD, and MATHLAB languages
Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript languages
Teaching experience of Molecular Physics to physics undergraduate students.
Teaching of membrane processes undergraduate students in medicinal physics.
The Ph.D. dissertation has the title �Influence of surfactants upon polymer porous media� and was supervised by Prof. Dr. Doc. Vasile P. Mihu. The main topic of the thesis includes the influence of ionic and non-ionic surfactants on membrane preparation and separation. The prepared membranes, characterized by scanning electron microscopy, pore size measurements and fluid permeability were used at the separation of small size solutes by means of colloid enhanced ultrafiltration.

Selected publications:
• E. Siapi, T. Mavromoustakos, V. Trandafir, B. Albu and P. Budrugeac. The use of differential scanning calorimetry to study the effects of gentamycin on fibrous collageneous membranes. Thermochimica Acta, 425, pp. 165-171, 2005.
• A. Lazea, L. I. Kravets, B. Albu, C. Ghica and G. Dinescu. Modification of polyester track membranes by plasma treatments. Surface and Coatings Technology, 200, pp. 529-533, 2005.
• C. Constantin, V. Parvulescu, Albu Bujor, G. Popescu and B. L. Su. Mesoporous nickelsilicate membranes on porous alumina supports. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 208, pp. 245 - 252, 2004.
• V. Parvulescu, L. Buhoci, G. Roman, B. Albu and G. Popescu. Composite membranes with micro- or mesoporous silicates and organic polymers. Separation and Purification Technology, 25, pp. 25-32, 2001.
• M. Barboiu, C. Guizard, C. Luca, B. Albu, N. Hovnanian and J. Palmeri. A new alternative to amino acids transport: facilitated transport of Image-phenylalanine by hybrid siloxane membranes containing a fixed site macrocyclic complexant. Journal of Membrane Science, 161, pp. 193-206, 1999.

Theses and dissertations:
• Albu Bujor Gabriel. Influence of surfactants upon polymer porous media. 1998.


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