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Dr. Adrian R. Belu

Former Centre National d' Etudes Spatiales (CNES) award fellow at Université de Bordeaux - European Research Council (ERC) Grant " E3ARTHs" Group. , Currently: Paris, Franța

Pagina web a instituției:,+adrian&%20&db_key=AST&db_key=PRE&end_mon=06&end_year=2013
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Născut(ă) în 1975

Interese: stiinte politice. Planete ca Terra. exobiologie. aspecte antropo-cognitive in finanta

Interview TV Romania International (2010, "Lumea si noi", Angela Avram)

Publicații relevante:
• Belu, A., R.; Selsis, F.; Raymond, S., N.; Pallé, E.; Street, R.; Sahu, D. K.; von Braun, K.; Bolmont, E.; Figueira, P.; Anupama, G. C.; Ribas, I. . Habitable Planets Eclipsing Brown Dwarfs: Strategies for Detection and Characterization. The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), 768 (2), p. 125 (11), 2013.
• Belu, A.. R. . Space inclusiveness and empowerment, or how The Frontier becomes a mirror. In European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) & Eur. Science Foundation (ESF) - Landfester Ulrike, Remuss Nina-Louisa, Schrogl Kai-Uwe, & Worms Jean-Claude (eds.), Studies in Space Policy, 5, pp. 57-64. Springer, 2011.
• Belu, A. R.; Selsis, F.; Morales, J. -C.; Ribas, I.; Cossou, C.; Rauer, H (12 Pages, 5 Figures, 2 Tables). Primary and secondary eclipse spectroscopy with James Webb Space Telescope (JWST): exploring the exoplanet parameter space. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 525, p. A83, 2010.
• Lammer, H.; Hanslmeier, A.; Schneider, J.; Stateva, I. K.; Barthelemy, M.; Belu, A., ; Bisikalo, D.; Bonavita, M.; Eybl, V.; Coudé Du Foresto, V. and 29 co-authors. Exoplanet status report. Solar System Research, 44, pp. 290-310, 2010.
• Belu, A.; Thiébaut, E.; Ollivier, M.; Lagache, G.; Selsis, F.; Vakili, F. . A scene model of exosolar systems for use in planetary detection and characterisation simulations. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 476, pp. 1005-1018, 2007.
• Vakili, F.; Belu, A.; Aristidi, E. and 11 coauthors. KEOPS: Kiloparsec Explorer for Optical Planet Search, a direct-imaging optical array at Dome C of Antarctica. In Wesley A. Traub (ed.), New Frontiers in Stellar Interferometry, 5491, p. 1580. The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) - Proceedings, 2004.
• . Refereed only, starting. , 2003.
• . All (26+). , starting, 2003.


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