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Adrian Ciobanu

Institutul de Informatica Teoretica, Iasi, Romania

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Born: 1961

Interests: image processing, GIS, shape classification

Research Engineer from 1991. Worked on microsystems design, artificial neural networks, fuzzy expert systems, signature and handwriten recognition, fingerprint recognition, shape characterisation and classification (3 years research grant at the University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal - European Project ADIAC), image processing. Worked as a technical manager in the European Projects JENET and INES introducing embedded systems with Internet capabilities in Romania. Actually focused on image processing research for aerial image object recognition needed in Geographical Information Systems.

Selected publications:
• DG Mann, SM McDonald, MM Bayer, SJM Droop, VA Chepurnov, RE Loke, Adrian Ciobanu, JMH du Buf. The Sellaphora pupula species complex (Bacillariophyceae): morphometric analysis, ultrastructure and mating data provide evidence for five new species. Phycologia, 43(4), pp. 459-482, 2004.
• Adrian Ciobanu and Hans du Buf. Identification by Contour Profiling and Legendre Polynomials. In Hans du Buf, Micha M. Bayer (eds.), Automatic Diatom Identification, pp. 167-185. World Scientific, 2002.


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