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>> Românã

Ruxandra Bondarescu

Penn State University, State College, PA, USA

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Born: 1982

Interests: gravitational waves, neutron stars, oscillation modes in stars, a little cosmology

I am currently a postdoc at Penn State. The information below is relatively old.
For more updated information see:
When I move, just google for me and you should find the new website.

For updated publication information search the archive:

I did my PhD at Cornell University (, where I worked with Ira Wasserman and Saul Teukolsky on r-modes. R-modes are oscillations in neutron stars that are driven unstable by the gravitational radiation reaction. Gravitational radiation from r-modes could be detected by gravitational wave interferometers on Earth and they may also set the limiting spin frequency of neutron stars. We studied how the nonlinear development of the r-mode instability affects the spin evolution of neutron stars (both newborn pulsars and old accreting neutron stars also called Low Mass Xray binaries).

As an undergraduate I worked at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC; My collaborators and I worked on various projects including numerical relativity of compact scalars and Grid computing. I graduated from the UIUC with a B.S. in physics in December 2002 (with Magna cum Laude and Highest Distinction in the curriculum) and a minor in Mathematics and a minor Computer Science. I also received a M.S. in Physics from UIUC in August 2003. During this time (I got my B.S. in 3 semesters and my M.S. in a semester and a summer), I have been funded by NSF to work at NCSA on the Astrophysics Simulation Collaboratory Portal (ASC Portal). This project is led by Prof. Wai Mo Suen at Washington University. The Numerical RelativityGroup (led by Prof. Edward Seidel and Dr. Gabrielle Allen) at AEI was also heavily involved. I started work on this project when I first arrived in America, at the beginning of August 2001 and left NCSA in August 2003.

Selected publications:
• J. Balakrishna, R. Bondarescu, G. Daues, F. S. Guzman, and E. Seidel. Evolution of 3D Boson Stars with Waveform Extraction. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 23, pp. 2631-2652, 2006.
• R. Bondarescu, G. Allen, G. Daues, I. Kelley, M. Russell, E. Seidel, J. Shalf, M. Tobias. The Astrophysics Simulation Collaboratory Portal: a Framework for Effective Distributed Research. Future Generation Computing Systems, Special Issue on Advanced Grid Technologies, Volume 21 , Issue 2, Pp. 259-270, February, 2005.


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