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Marin Marian Balasa

C. Brailoiu Institute of Ethnography and Folklore, Bucuresti, Romania

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Born: 1959

Interests: musicology, cultrual anthropology, literature, theory of the sacred

Graduated from the Music Conservatory in Cluj, Doctor of Philosophy from the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest (1995). Member UCMR and USR (Professional Association of Romanian Composers and Musicologists; and Association for Professional Writers in Romania). Fieldwork and postdoctoral, iterdisciplinary research in Romania, India, China, Iran, Scandinavia, Hungary, USA. Fulbright Fellow affiliated at the University of Chicago (2001-2002).

Selected publications:
• Marin Marian-Balasa. An Introduction to the Discussion of Musical References Printed on Banknotes. In Bruno B. Reuer (ed. ) (ed.), United Europe - United Music? Diversity and Social Dimensions in Central and Southeastern Europe, pp. 89-107. Berlin: Weidler Buchverlag, 2004.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Music on Money: State Legitimation and Cultural Representation. Music in Art, 1-2(28), pp. 171-187, 2003.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Studii si materiale de antropologie muzicala. Editura Muzicala, 2003.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Birds in Cages Still Sing Well: An Introduction to the Musical Anthropology of Romanian Jails. ' Ethnomusicology' , 2 (46), pp. 250-264, 2002.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Romanian Folk Music Studies Abroad: Perceptions and Representations. ' European Meetings in Ethnomusicology' , 8, pp. 111-139, 2001.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Romanian Traditional Identity - As Searched by the Brailoiu Institute. ' East European Meetings in Ethnomusicology' , 7, pp. 127-182, 2000.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Unconventional Settings for Formerly Conventional Musics. In Susan C. Pearce and Eugenia Sojka (eds. ) (eds.), Mosaics of Change: The First Decade of Life in the New Eastern Europe, pp. 245-267. Gdansk: University of Gdansk, 2000.
• Marin Marian Balasa. Colinda - epifanie si sacrament. Minerva (Colectia " Universitas" ), 2000.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Old Sounds in the Transition Town. In Bruno B. Reuer (ed. ) (ed.), Music im Umbruch. Culturelle Identität und gesellschaftlicher Wandel in Südosteuropa. New Countries, Old Sounds? Cultural Identity and Social Change in Southeastern Europe, pp. 293-306. Munchen: Südostdeutsche Kulturwerk, 1999.
• Marin B. [alasa] Marian. Mitologia oului. Editura Minerva, 1995.
• Marin Marian Balasa. Oedip, sau despre sensul eroic al existentei in drama. Minerva, 1995.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Ethnomusicology as a Humanistic Science: From Sociology and Technicism to Anthropology and Culture Philosophy. ' East European Meetings in Ethnomusicology, 1, pp. 3-17, 1994.
• Marin Marian-Balasa. Despre semitonul metafizic. ' Revista de Filosofie' , 2, pp. 161-166, 1993.
• Marin Marian [-Balasa]. Chipul Geniului. Eseu despre creativitatea exemplara. Editura Muzicala a UCMR, 1991.
• Marin Marian Balasa. Pasarea Maiastra. Sensul creator al existentei umane ca revelatie a folclorului. Minerva, 1991.
• Marin Marian [Balasa]. Musical Aesthetics in Romanian Thinking. Moments and Attributes. ' Revue Roumaine des Sciences Sociales. Série de Philosophie et Logique' , 1-2, pp. 131-143, 1989.
• Marin Marian [Balasa]. Reprezentanti ai esteticii muzicale. ' Revista de Filosofie' , 2, pp. 142-149, 1989.


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