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Mihail Bota

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

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Personal web page:
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Born: 1968

Interests: data mining, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligence, neuroinformatics, neuroscience, computational, neural networks, expert systems

1. University of Southern California
Research Assistant Professor.

2. University of Southern California
Graduate student, Postdoctoral fellow.

Selected publications:
• Bota, M., Dong, H. W., Swanson, L. W. . The Brain Architecture Management System . Neuroinformatics, 4, p. in press, 2005.
• Bota M., Arbib M. A. . Integrating databases and expert systems for the analysis of brain structures, connections, and homologies. . Neuroinformatics, 2, pp. 20-59, 2004.
• Arbib, M. A., Bota, M. . Language evolution: neural homologies and neuroinformatics. Neural Networks, 16, pp. 1237-1260, 2003.
• Bota, M., Dong, H. W., Swanson, L. W. . From gene networks to brain networks. Nature Neuroscience, 8, pp. 795-799, 2003.
• M. Bota & M. A. Arbib. The NeuroHomology Database. Neurocomputing, 38-40, pp. 1627-1631, 2001.

Theses and dissertations:
• Mihail Bota. Neural Homologies: principles, databases and modeling. 2001.


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