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Cristina Achim (Popa)

National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest (Magurele), România

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Născut(ă) în 1983

Interese: spectroscopie laser fotoacustica, stres oxidativ, biomarkeri din respiratie

Since 2006 I was involved in the field of laser photoacoustic spectroscopy (LPAS) based on a CO2 laser PA system with considerable results and activities in laser technology and laser applications.
Between 2008 and 2011, during the PhD thesis at University of Bucharest, Doctoral School of Physics, I have used the LPAS in a high impact and new frontier of modern applications: medical diagnosis based on exhaled breath analysis with special importance on the theory, application of the simultaneous measurements of gases absorptions and the study of exhaled respiration of subjects with renal failure. The main objective of my thesis was to investigate if the renal failure and the haemodialysis were associated with increased oxidative damage, and to find out if breath ammonia can be used for selecting the optimum treatment duration for a desired state.
Currently I have obtained a Postdoctoral Fellowship at University Politehnica of Bucharest for the support of innovation and competitiveness in research with the proposal: "Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy technique in the evaluation of oxidative attack on young people with mental and breathing disorders". The main activity in this project is to analyze the oxidative damage at patients with schizophrenia and autism disorders with help of LPAS by measuring gaseous biomarkers in the breath of patients.
My recent interests include: evaluation and detection of breath biomarkers for different disorders using LPAS.
My studies were/are oriented to improve the ability of the LPAS system to rapidly, accurately and noninvasively determine low concentration levels of breath biomarkers.
Organizer of few international conferences (e.g. Light at Extreme Intensities - LEI 2009, International Student Workshop on Laser Applications -ISWLA 2011, International Student Conference on Photonics - ISCP 2012 and ICUIL 2012-The International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers).

Publicații relevante:
• Cristina Popa, Mihai Patachia, Stefan Banita, Dan Constantin Dumitras. Exertion in Kangoo Jumps Aerobic: Evaluation and Interpretation Using Spectroscopic Technique Determinations. Journal of Spectroscopy, Volume (2013), Article ID 602434, 6 pages, 2013.
• D. C. Dumitras, D. C. Dutu, C. Matei, R. Cernat, S. Banita, M. Patachia, A. M. Bratu, M. Petrus, C. Popa . Evaluation of ammonia absorption coefficients by photoacoustic spectroscopy for detection of ammonia levels in human breath. Laser Physics, Volume 21, Issue 4, , pp. pp 796-800, 2011.
• C. Popa , D. C. A. Dutu, R. Cernat, C. Matei, A. M. Bratu, S. Banita, D. C. Dumitras. Ethylene and ammonia traces measurements from the patients' breath with renal failure via LPAS method. Applied Physics B, Volume 105, Issue 3, pp. pp 669-67, 2011.
• C. Popa , A. M. Bratu, C. Matei, R. Cernat, A. Popescu, D. C. Dumitras. Qualitative and quantitative determination of human biomarkers by laser photoacoustic spectroscopy methods. Laser Physics , 21, pp. 1336-13, 2011.


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