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stefan buzatu

umf craiova, craiova, Romania

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Born: 1957

Interests: membrane potential, ionic channels

modelling aspects in transmembranar biophysics

Selected publications:
• buzatu, s., darie, v. Is the Facilitaed Diffusion Exclusively a Passive Membrane Transport Mechanism? . Rom Biotechnol Lett, 8(1), pp. 1123-1128, 2003.
• buzatu, s, darie, v. . A Facilitated Diffusion Mechanism Modelling . Rom Biotechnol Lett, 6(3), pp. 259-265, 2001.
• buzatu, s. A Secondary Active Transport Mechanism Modelling. Riv Biol /Biol Forum, 94(3), pp. 459-468, 2001.
• buzatu, s. Multiple State Model of Ionic Channel in Reproducing the Time Course of Electrophysiological Events. Riv Biol /Biol Forum, 93(3), pp. 457-466, 2000.
• buzatu, s, darie, v. A Model for Competitive and Noncompetitive Inhibition. Rom Biotechnol Lett, 5(6), pp. 455-461, 2000.
• buzatu, s, darie, v. Generalisation of Four-State Carrier Model for Hexose Transport in Cells. Rom Biotechnol Lett, 5(5), pp. 373-377, 2000.


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