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Octavian Micu

Institute of Space Science, Magurele, România

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Născut(ă) în 1976

Interese: gauri negre, fizica teoretica

I have research experience in theoretical physics, my focus being in physics beyond the standard model and quantum gravity. Recently, I've been working on the problem of finding a mathematical formulation for the problem of horizons (classical concept that arises in General Relativity) when dealing with quantum mechanical wave-packets with energies near the Planck mass. When studying the formation of Planck size black holes, both the classical theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics are important. This is the regime one needs to have in mind when developing a quantum theory of gravity, and hopefully the horizon wave function formalism will guide the community in that direction. I am also interested in finding quantum black hole decay signatures which can be discovered experimentally. TeV scale black holes can only exist in models derived from string theory or from beyond the standard model physics' theories. Finding the Planck scale at low energies or even pushing the threshold a few orders of magnitude higher will be a significant accomplishment for the community.

Publicații relevante:
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