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Cosmin Farcau

Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Born: 1982

Interests: optics, spectroscopy, plasmonics, nanostructured surface, sensors

I am a scientific researcher (CSII) at the Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Physics, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-Nano-Sciences. On a general level my interests span: colloidal crystals and periodically structured noble-metal films, as materials; self-assembly of nano- and micro-colloids, as means to obtain such structures; optical spectroscopies (Raman scattering, IR absorbtion, fluorescence) as techniques to explore their surface plasmon-related properties and exploit them in optical sensing.

ResearcherID: B-5652-2011

Selected publications:
• A. Cernat, E. Bodoki, C. Farcau, S. Astilean, S. Griveau, F. Bedioui, R. Sandulescu. Surface Modeling of Nanopatterned Polymer Films Obtained by Colloidal Templated Electropolymerization. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 15, p. 3359, 2015.
• C. Farcau, S. Astilean. Periodically nanostructured substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. J. Mol. Struct. , 1073, p. 102, 2014.
• C. Leordean, M. Potara, S. Boca-Farcau, A. Vulpoi, S. Astilean, C. Farcau. Multiscale electromagnetic SERS enhancement on self-assembled micropatterned gold nanoparticle films. J. Raman Spectrosc. , 45, p. 627, 2014.
• C. Farcau, M. Potara, C. Leordean, S. Boca, S. Astilean. Reliable plasmonic substrates for bioanalytical SERS applications easily prepared by colloidal assembly of gold nanocolloids. Analyst, 138, p. 546, 2013.
• V. Saracut, M. Giloan, M. Gabor, S. Astilean, C. Farcau. Polarization-Sensitive Linear Plasmonic Nanostructures via Colloidal Lithography with Uniaxial Colloidal Arrays. ACS Appl. Mat. Interf. , 5, p. 1362, 2013.
• H. Moreira, J. Grisolia, N. M. Sangeetha, N. Decorde, C. Farcau, B. Viallet, K. Chen, G. Viau, L. Ressier. Electron transport in gold colloidal nanoparticle-based strain gauges. Nanotechnology, 24, p. 095701, 2013.
• P. Benzo, C. Bonafos, M. Bayle, R. Carles, L. Cattaneo, C. Farcau, G. Benassayag, B. Pecassou, D. Muller. Controlled synthesis of buried delta-layers of Ag nanocrystals for near-field plasmonic effects on free surfaces. J. Appl. Phys. , 113, p. 193505, 2013.
• Benassayag, C. Farcau, P. Benzo, L. Cattaneao, C. Bonafos, B. Pecassou, A. Zwick, R. Carles. 3D patterning of Ag nanoparticles by ULE ion implantation and stencil soft lithography for plasmonic device applications. Nucl. Inst. Meth. Phys. B, 272, p. 214, 2012.
• M. Potara, M. Baia, C. Farcau, S. Astilean. Chitosan-coated anisotropic silver nanoparticles as a SERS substrate for single-molecule detection. Nanotechnology, 23, p. 055501, 2012.
• C. Farcau, M. Giloan, E. Vinteler, S. Astilean. Understanding plasmon resonances of metal-coated colloidal crystal monolayers. Appl. Phys. B, 104, p. 849, 2012.
• A. Cernat, S. Griveau, P. Martin, J. C. Lacroix, C. Farcau, R. Sandulescu, F. Bedioui. Electrografted nanostructured platforms for click chemistry. Electrochem. Comm. , 23, p. 141, 2012.
• C. Farcau, N. M. Sangeetha, N. Decorde, S. Astilean, L. Ressier. Microarrays of gold nanoparticle clusters fabricated by Stop& Go convective self-assembly for SERS-based sensor chips. Nanoscale, 4, p. 7870, 2012.
• C. Farcau, S. Astilean. Evidence of a surface plasmon-mediated mechanism in the generation of the SERS background. Chem. Commun. , 47, p. 3861, 2011.
• P. Benzo, L. Cattaneo, C. Farcau, A. Andreozzi, M. Perego, G. Benassayag, B. Pecassou, R. Carles, C. Bonafos. Stability of Ag nanocrystals synthesized by ultra-low energy ion implantation in SiO2 matrices. J. Appl. Phys. , 109, p. 103524, 2011.
• C. Farcau, S. Astilean. Simple colloidal lithography approach to generate inexpensive stamps for polymer nano-patterning. Mat. Lett. , 65, p. 2190, 2011.
• C. Farcau, H. Moreira, B. Viallet, J. Grisolia, D. Ciuculescu-Pradines, C. Amiens, L. Ressier. Monolayered Wires of Gold Nanoparticles for High-Sensitivity Strain Sensing. J. Phys. Chem. C, 115, p. 14494, 2011.
• C. Farcau, N. M. Sangeetha, H. Moreira, B. Viallet, J. Grisolia, D. Ciuculescu-Pradines, L. Ressier. High-Sensitivity Strain Gauge Based on a Single Wire of Gold Nanoparticles Fabricated by Stop-and-Go Convective Self-Assembly. ACS Nano, 5, p. 7137, 2011.
• R. Carles, C. Farcau, C. Bonafos, G. Benassayag, M. Bayle, P. Benzo, J. Groenen, A. Zwick. Three Dimensional Design of Silver Nanoparticle Assemblies Embedded in Dielectrics for Raman Spectroscopy Enhancement and Dark-field Imaging. ACS Nano, 5, p. 8774, 2011.
• C. Farcau, S. Astilean. Mapping the SERS Efficiency and Hot-Spots Localization on Gold Film over Nanospheres Substrates. J. Phys. Chem. C, 114, p. 11717, 2010.
• P. G. Kuzmin, V. V. Bukin, S. V. Garnov, G. A. Shafeev, C. Farcau, R. Carles, B. Warrot-Fontrose, V. Guieu, G. Viau. Silicon nanoparticles produced by femtosecond laser ablation in ethanol: size control, structural characterization and optical properties. J. Phys. Chem. C, 114, p. 15266, 2010.
• C. Farcau, C. Bonafos, P. Benzo, G. Benassayag, R. Carles. Combining elastic and resonant inelastic optical spectroscopies for multiscale probing of embedded nanoparticle architectures. J. Appl. Phys. , 108, p. 093516, 2010.
• C. Farcau, H. Moreira, B. Viallet, J. Grisolia, L. Ressier. Tunable Conductive Nanoparticle Wire Arrays Fabricated by Convective Self-assembly on Non-patterned Substrates. ACS Nano, 4, p. 7275, 2010.


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