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Doru Constantin

CNRS, Orsay, France

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Born: 1975

Interests: soft matter, materials science, biophysics

soft matter, materials science, biophysics

ResearcherID: H-8495-2013

Selected publications:
• Kevin Tse-Ve-Koon, Nicolas Tremblay, Doru Constantin, Eric Freyssingeas. Structure, thermodynamics and dynamics of the isotropic phase of spherical non-ionic surfactant micelles. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 393, pp. 161-173, 2013.
• Andreas S. Poulos, Doru Constantin, Patrick Davidson, Marianne Impéror-Clerc, Brigitte Pansu, Stéphan Rouziere. The interaction of charged nanoparticles at interfaces . EPL (Europhysics Letters, 100, p. 18002, 2012.
• Anne-Florence Bitbol, Doru Constantin and Jean-Baptiste Fournier. Bilayer Elasticity at the Nanoscale: The Need for New Terms. PLOS One, 7, 2012.
• Brigitte Pansu, Amélie Lecchi, Doru Constantin, Marianne Impéror-Clerc, Michele Veber, Ivan Dozov . Insertion of Gold Nanoparticles in Fluid Mesophases: Size Filtering and Control of Interactions . The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115, pp. 17682-1768, 2011.
• Doru Constantin. The interaction of hybrid nanoparticles inserted within surfactant bilayers . The Journal of Chemical Physics, 133, p. 144901, 2010.
• Doru Constantin. Membrane-mediated repulsion between gramicidin pores . Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes, 1788, pp. 1782-1789, 2009.
• Doru Constantin, Brigitte Pansu, Marianne Impéror, Patrick Davidson, and François Ribot. Repulsion Between Inorganic Particles Inserted Within Surfactant Bilayers. Physical Review Letters, 101, p. 098101, 2008.


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