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Mariana Constantinovici

Biotehnos, Otopeni, Romania

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Born: 1972

Interests: in vitro tests, drug development, biotechnologies

Laboratory experience in the field of enzymatic activity determinations, kinetic data gathering, statistical data analyses using dedicated soft programs and estimation of kinetic parameters (rate constants, activation energies);
Cellular biology techniques for handling, manipulation and drug testing on normal and dysplasic cell cultures;
Biochemical and toxicological in vitro characterization of compounds with pharmaceutical and dermatocosmetic potential; cellular and tissular therapies in pathological processes and adaptative mechanisms of human cells.

Selected publications:
• B. Dumitriu, L. Olariu, M. Constantinovici, L. Zglimbea, N. Rosoiu. Estrogen-like" effect of some phytocompounds from Trifolium pratense for modulation of dermal fibroblasts physiology. In FEBS Journal, 278, suppl. 1, p. 135. 2011.
• M. Constantinovici, L. Zglimbea, N. Dociu, A. Netoiu, L. Olariu. Evaluation of metabolic effects of two triterpenic derivates obtained from Salvia sp. on endothelial primary cell culture Huvec. In Tox. Let. , 196S. 2010.
• N. Rosoiu, R. Nita, D. Ene, M. Constantinovici, L. Olariu. 'In vitro and in vivo investigation of some bioactive extracts rich in glycosaminoglycans obtained from small sea fish. In FEBS Journal , 276 (Suppl.1), p. 340. 2009.


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