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stancuta ramona dima-laza

Universitatea de Vest " Vasile Goldis" , Arad, Romania

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Born: 1980

Interests: culture, civilization, literature, grammar, british, american

My research activity is based on publishing articles on intercultural communication, multiculturalism, translation or literary studies. I am also interested in publishing books and courses for the students in order to help them understand and consolidate their knowledge. The books I published are focused on English grammar, on translations or on English for Specific Purposes (ESP). My research activity also includes participation and coordination of Grundtvig respectively Erasmus projects as well as interest in involving in other projects.

Selected publications:
• Gianina Sabau, Dima-Laza Ramona Stancuta. Graham Greene and the Modern Catholic Novel Today. In Volum IEDRC. 2012.
• Dima-Laza Ramona Stancuta, Tirban Narcisa. The complex facets of interpreting competence. volum IPEDR, International Conference on Society, Humanity and History, 2012.
• Dima-Laza Ramona Stancuta. Cultural behaviour - a challenge for intercultural encounters. In volum IPEDR, INternational Conference on Humanity, History and Society, pp. 17-21. 2012.
• Dima-Laza Ramona Stancuta. Utopia versus dystopia. A perfect environment for a perfect. In volum IPEDR, International Conference on Humanity, History and Society, pp. 12-16. 2012.


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