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Mihaela Paun

INCDSB -CS I, Bucharest, Romania

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Born: 1976

Interests: econometrics, statistics, biostatistics, bioinformatics


2006 - PhD in Applied Statistics, Louisiana Tech University, SUA
2003 - MSc in Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Western Ontario, Canada
2001 - MSc in Biocomputing, University of Western Ontario, Canada
1998 - BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bucharest, Romania

My areas of interest are econometrics, statistics, biostatistics, bioinformatics and high performance computing and applications.

ResearcherID: C-3539-2011

Selected publications:
• E. Feldbacher, M. Paun, W. Reckendorfer, M. Sidoroff, A. Stanica, B. Strimbu, I. Tusa, V. Vulturescu, T. Hein. Twenty years of research on water management issues in the Danube Macro-region past developments and future direction. Science of The Total Environment, 1, 2016.
• M. Paun, Y. Li, Y. Cheng, I. Tusa, A. Paun. Segmenting Microarray Images using a Contour-Based Method. Theoretical Computer Sciences, 608, pp. 108-118, 2015.
• I. Tusa, M. Sidoroff, M. Paun. Environmental Research Assessment. Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, 16, p. 874883, 2015.
• W. Zhuang, B. Babin, Q. Xiao, M. Paun. The Influence of Movie' s Quality on its Performance: Evidence Based on Oscar Awards. Managing Service Quality, 24, pp. 122-138, 2014.
• S. Laosooksathit, R. Nassar, C. Leangsuksun, M. Paun. Reliability-aware performance model for optimal GPU-enabled cluster environment. The Journal of Supercomputing , Volume 68, Issue 3, pp. 1630-1651, 2014.
• M. G. Watson, J. M. Lopez, M. Paun, S. A. Jones. A novel dynamic layer-by-layer assembled nano-scale biointerface: functionality tests with platelet adhesion and aggregate morphology influenced by adenosine diphosphate. Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis, 2013.
• B. M. Strimbu, M. Paun. Sensitivity of forest plan value to parameters of simulated annealing. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 43, pp. 28-38, 2013.
• T. Thanakornworakij, R. Nassar, C. Leangsuksun, M. Pau. Reliability model of a system of k nodes with simultaneous failures for high-performance computing applications. International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, 27, pp. 474-482 , 2013.
• T. Thanakornworakij, R. Nassar, C. Leangsuksun, M. Paun. An Economic Model for Maximizing Profit of a Cloud Service Provider. In 7th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (" ARES" ), . 2012.
• W. Zhuang, Q. Xiao, M. Paun. " The effects of movie awards on movie success: a replication using the Golden Globe data. Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research Journal, 51, 2011.
• R. Nassar, S. Wu, M. Paun, W. Dai, and J. Palmer. A mathematical model characterizing the diffusion properties of microcapsules. " , Chemical Engineering Communications Journal, 2011.
• M. Paun, N. Naksinehaboon, R. Nassar, C. Leangsuksun, S. Scott, N. Taerat . Incremental Checkpoint Schemes for Weibull Failure Distribution. " , International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, 21, 2010.
• R. Gottumukkala, R. Nassar, M. Paun, C. Leangsuksun, S. Scott. The TTF Distribution of System of K Nodes for HPC Applications. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 59, 2010.
• A. Paun, M. Paun, A. Rodriguez-Paton. On the Hopcroft' s minimization technique for DFA and DFCA. Theoretical Computer Science , 410, 2009.
• N. Naksinehaboon, Y. Liu, C. Leangsuksun, R. Nassar, M. Paun, S. Scott. Reliability- aware Approach: An Incremental Checkpoint/Restart Model in HPC Environments. In CCGRID. 2008.
• Y. Liu, R. Nassar, C. Leangsuksun, N. Naksinehaboon, M. Paun, S. Scott. "An Optimal Checkpoint/Restart Model for a Large Scale High Performance Computing System. In IPDPS. 2008.
• Y. Liu, R. Nassar, C. Leangsuksun, N. Naksinehaboon, M. Paun, S. Scott. A Reliability aware Approach for an Optimal Checkpoint/Restart Model in HPC Environments. In IEEE CLUSTER. 2007.


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