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Magdalena Chirila

" Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Born: 1971

Interests: head, neck, surgery, laser, voice, surgery, thyroid, paratiroide

PhD: Perineural invasion in neck carcinomas

Selected publications:
• 4. M. Chirila, R. Muresan, M. Cosgarea, E. Tomescu. Surgical management of Gerhardt Syndrome. . Chirurgia, 105(3), pp. 321-324, 2010.

Publications from the ISI database, indexed between 2002-2011, produced in Romania:
• Chirila, M; Bolboaca, S; Tomescu, E; Revesz, A; Matioc, A; Stamate, M; Frandes, I, Cortisone treatment in prevention of pharyngocutaneous fistula after total laryngectomy. CHIRURGIA, 103 (5), pp. 553-557, 2008.
• Chirila, M; Bolboaca, SD; Cosgarea, M; Tomescu, E; Muresan, M, Perineural invasion of the major and minor nerves in laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer. OTOLARYNGOLOGY-HEAD AND NECK SURGERY, 140 (1), pp. 65-69, 2009.
• Chirila, M; Tiple, C; Radu, H; Miu, A, Vagal paraganglioma: imaging versus intraoperative findings. CHIRURGIA, 104 (5), pp. 637-640, 2009.
• Chirila, M; Muresan, R; Cosgarea, M; Tomescu, E, Surgical management of Gerhardt syndrome. CHIRURGIA, 105 (3), pp. 327-330, 2010.
• Chirila, M; Bolboaca, SD; Muresan, M; Tomescu, E; Cosgarea, M, Lymphatic and Vascular Invasion in Laryngeal and Pyriform Sinus Carcinomas. LARYNGO-RHINO-OTOLOGIE, 90 (6), pp. 358-363, 2011.
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