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Maria-Magdalena Mocanu

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania

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Born: 1973

Interests: biophysics, cancer biology

2005 - 2007 - postdoc Max-Planck Institute, Hamburg
1999 - 2005 - PhD in Biology, Univ of Bucharest

My interest is focused on cancer biology (erbB proteins, integris) and amyloid fibrils deposition in systemic amyloidosis (lysozyme) or neurodegenerative diseases (tau protein).

Selected publications:
• Mocanu MM, Varadi T, Szollosi J, Nagy P. Comparative analysis of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and proximity ligation assay (PLA). Proteomics, 2011.
• Baran I, Ganea G, Scordino A, Musumeci F, Barresi V, Tudisco S, Privitera S, Grasso R, Condorelli DF, Ursu I, Baran V, Katona E, Mocanu MM, Gulino M, Ungureanu R, Surcel M, Ursaciuc C. Effects of menadione, hydrogen peroxide, and quercetin on apoptosis and delayed luminescence of human leukemia Jurkat T-cells. Cell Biochem Biophys, 2010.
• Mocanu MM, Nissen A, Eckermann K, Khlistunova I, Biernat J, Drexler D, Petrova O, Schönig K, Bujard H, Mandelkow E, Zhou L, Rune G, Mandelkow EM. The potential for beta-structure in the repeat domain of tau protein determines aggregation, synaptic decay, neuronal loss, and coassembly with endogenous Tau in inducible mouse models of tauopathy. J. Neurosci, 2008.
• Eckermann K, Mocanu MM, Khlistunova I, Biernat J, Nissen A, Hofmann A, Schönig K, Bujard H, Haemisch A, Mandelkow E, Zhou L, Rune G, Mandelkow EM. The beta-propensity of Tau determines aggregation and synaptic loss in inducible mouse models of tauopathy. J Biol Chem, 2007.
• Goldsbury C, Mocanu MM, Thies E, Kaether C, Haass C, Keller P, Biernat J, Mandelkow E, Mandelkow EM. Inhibition of APP trafficking by tau protein does not increase the generation of amyloid-beta peptides. Traffic, 2006.
• Mocanu MM, Fazekas Z, Petrás M, Nagy P, Sebestyén Z, Isola J, Tímár J, Park JW, Vereb G, Szöllosi J. Associations of ErbB2, beta1-integrin and lipid rafts on Herceptin (Trastuzumab) resistant and sensitive tumor cell lines. Cancer Lett, 2005.


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