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Petru Lucian Curseu

Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands

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Born: 1975

Interests: group dynamics, social cognition, strategic decision making, group cognition

Petru L. Curseu is Associate Professor in the department of Organisation Studies at Tilburg University, and he teaches courses on Organizational Behavior and Complexity within Organizations. His research interests include team dynamics (with a special focus on team cognition), social cognition (in particular the study of stereotypes and prejudice in organizational settings), as well as decision-making in organizations. He has published papers on related topics in Journal of Information Technology, Organization Studies, European Journal of Social Psychology, Group Dynamics, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Studia Psychologica, Learning and Individual Differences and other journals.

Selected publications:
• Curseu Petru L.; Kenis, P.; Raab, J. & Brandes, U. . Composing effective teams through team-dating. Organization Studies, 31(7) , p. 873–, 2010.
• Curseu Petru L. Team creativity in web site design: An empirical test of a systemic model. Creativity Research Journal, 22(1), pp. 98-107, 2010.
• Curseu Petru L; Schalk, R. & Wessel, I. . How do virtual teams process information? A literature review and implications for management. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 23(6), pp. 628-652, 2008.
• Curseu Petru L.; Schruijer, S. & Boros, S. . The effects of groups' variety and disparity on groups' cognitive complexity. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice, 11(3), pp. 187-206, 2007.
• Curseu Petru L; Stoop, R. & Schalk, R. . Prejudice toward immigrant workers among Dutch employees: Integrated Threat Theory revisited. European Journal of Social Psychology, 37(1), pp. 125-140, 2007.
• Curseu Petru L. Emergent states in virtual teams. A complex adaptive systems perspective. Journal of Information Technology, 21(4), pp. 249-261, 2006.


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