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Vasile Tudor

Grup Scolar " Duiliu Zamfirescu" , Dragalina, Romania

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Born: 1954

Interests: Mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity theory, atomic and nuclear physics

Graduate of the Faculty of Physics and of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications from Bucharest.
Scientific activity and applied research: studies, published articles, patents, writing scientific "Alma Lux".

Selected publications:
• Prof. Vasile Tudor. The theory of dipoles vortex . Repere didactice moderne, nr. 19-20-21, pp. 88-123, 2015.
• Vasile Tudor. Geotechnical protection in case of earthquakes. Ad Astra, 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. Réseau pour l' évaluation de la déformation de l' écorche terrestre. Ad Astra, 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. La captation de l' énergie du champ électrique terrestre. Ad Astra, 2011.
• Vasle Tudor. Procédure novatrice dans la thérapie de l' obésité. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. L' installation pour l' hydroaération du sol. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. Protection contre les tornades. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. Vieillir sainement. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. Moyen technique contre la canicule . , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. Moteur thermogravitationnel. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. Sources alternatives d' énergie. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. Hélice a propulsion réactive. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. The multifunctional medical installation. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. The multifunctional asynchronous electrical machine. , 2011.
• Vasile Tudor. The cancer has to be defeated. Ad Astra, 2011.
• Prof. Vasile Tudor. La théorie vortex de l' existence. , 2011.
• Prof. Vasile Tudor. The vortex theory of matter. , 2011.
• Prof. Vasile Tudor. Alma lux. Agora-Calarasi, 2001.


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