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Felix Albu

Universitatea Valahia din Targoviste, Targoviste, Romania

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Born: 1969

Interests: adaptive filtering, signal processing, image processing

Research experience in signal processing (image/speech/audio), adaptive filtering, logarithmic number systems, neural networks and machine learning

Selected publications:
• Alberto Gonzalez, Felix Albu, Miguel Ferrer; Maria de Diego. Evolutionary and variable step size strategies for multichannel filtered-x affine projection algorithms. IET Signal Processing, 7, p. 471 –, 2013.
• F. Albu and H. K. Kwan. Memory improved proportionate affine projection sign algorithm. IET Electronics Letters, 48, pp. 1279-1281, 2012.
• F. Albu, C. Paleologu, J. Benesty. A Variable Step Size Evolutionary Affine Projection Algorithm. In ICASSP 2011, pp. 429-432. 2011.
• F. Albu, C. Paleologu, J. Benesty, and S. Ciochina. A low complexity proportionate affine projection algorithm for echo cancellation. In EUSIPCO 2010, pp. 6-10. 2010.
• Albu, F.; Vertan, C.; Florea, C.; et al. . One scan shadow compensation and visual enhancement of color images. In Proc. of IEEE ICIP , pp. 3133-3136. 2009.
• Albu, F.; Bouchard, M.; Zakharov, Y. . Pseudo-affine projection algorithms for multichannel active noise control. IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, 15, pp. 1044-1052, 2007.
• Albu, F. . Efficient multichannel filtered-x affine projection algorithm for active noise control. Electronics Letters , 42, pp. 421-423, 2006.
• Bouchard, M.; Albu, F. . The Gauss-Seidel fast affine projection algorithm for multichannel active noise control and sound reproduction systems. International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing, 19, pp. 107-123, 2005.
• Zakharov, Y.; Albu, F. . Coordinate descent iterations in fast affine projection algorithm. IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 12, pp. 353-356, 2005.
• Albu, F. Kwan, H. K. . Fast block exact Gauss-Seidel pseudo affine projection algorithm. Electronics Letters, 40, pp. 1451-1453, 2004.
• Albu, F.; Kadlec, J.; Coleman, N.; et al. . Pipelined implementations of the A priori error-feedback LSL algorithm using logarithmic arithmetic. Proceedings of IEEE ICASSP 2002, 3, pp. 2681-2684, 2002.
• Albu, F. Kadlec, J. Coleman, N. Fagan, A. . The Gauss-Seidel Fast Affine Projection Algorithm. In IEEE Workshop SIPS, pp. 109-114. 2002.
• Albu, F., Martinez, D. . Application of support vector machines with Gaussian kernels for overcoming co-channel interference. In Neural Networks for Signal Processing IX, Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE Workshop, pp. 49-57. 1999.


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