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Claudia Beldean

Univeritstea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Born: 1982

Interests: micropaleontology, foraminifera

- the relationship between fossil foraminifera assemblages and depositional environment from Miocene of the Transylvanian Basin

Selected publications:
• Beldean, C., Filipescu, S., Balc, R. Paleoenvironmental and biostratigraphic data for the Early Miocene of the north-western Transylvanian Basin based on planktonic foraminifera. Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Science, 7(1), pp. 171-184, 2012.
• Tantau, I., Farcas, S., Beldean, C., Geanta, A., Stefanescu, L. Late Holocene paleoenvironments and human impact in Fagaras Depression (Southern Transylvania, Romania). Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Science, 6, pp. 171-178, 2011.
• Tantau, I., Reille, M. , Farcas, S., Beldean, C., Beaulieu, J. L. Geanta, A. Early Holocene vegetation history in the Fagaras Depression. Contributii Botanice, XLV , pp. 79-86, 2010.
• Beldean, C. Caracterizarea geologica a sitului Natura 2000 Cusma. In Proorocu M., Beldean P., Crisan A. (eds.), Situl Natura 2000 Cusma, pp. 22-29. RISOPRINT , 2010.
• Beldean, C., Filipescu, S., Balc, R. An Early Miocene biserial foraminiferal event in the Transylvanian Basin (Romania). GEOLOGICA CARPATHICA, 61, pp. 227--234, 2010.
• Tantau, I., Reille, M., Beldean, C., Farcas, S., Beaulieu, J. L. . Late Glacial vegetation development in the Fagaras Depression. Contributii Botanice, XLIV, pp. 141-150, 2009.
• Tantau I., Pendea F., Gray J., Ghaleb B., Beldean C., Badarau A., Miclea A., Balc R., Toth A. Middle Weichselian paleoenvironments in north-western Transylvania: sedimentology, palynology and malacofauna analysis. Acta Palaeontologica Romanie, 6, pp. 349-358, 2008.

Theses and dissertations:
• Beldean, C. Relatia dintre asociatiile de foraminifere fosile si mediile depozitionale din Formatiunea de Hida (nord-vestul Bazinului Transilvaniei). 2010.


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