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Marian Romeo CALIN

IFIN-HH, Magurele, Romania

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Born: 1956

Interests: spectrometry, radon, ionization chamber

Nucl Rad/Detect

Selected publications:
• Marian Romeo CALIN, Corina Anca SIMION, Mihaela Antonina CALIN, Alexandru Erminiu DRUKER. The characterization of the radioactivity in the Cacica salt mine. Rom. Jour. of Phys, 60, 2011.
• Marian Romeo CALIN, Alexandru Erminiu DRUKER. Use of KCl reference samples to calibrate the efficiency of a gross alpha/beta counting system MPC 2000. Romanian Journal of Physics, 56, No.3-4, 2011.
• Mihaela Antonina Calin, Toma Coman, Marian Romeo Calin. The effect of low level laser therapy on surgical wound healing. Reports in Physics, No. 3, P. 617-627, Vol 62, 2010.
• Corina Anca Simion, Niculina Paunescu, Nicolae Mocanu, Marian Romeo Calin, Sorin Bercea, and Bogdan Mitrica. ULTRA LOW RADIATION BACKGROUND LSC MEASUREMENTS IN A SALT MINE: A FEASIBILITY STUDY. In 10th International Symposium on the Synthesis and Applications of Isotopes and Isotopically Labelled Compounds--New Analytical Methods, JOURNAL OF LABELLED COMPOUNDS & RADIOPHARMACEUTICALS, 53, pp. 307-311. 2010.
• Marian Romeo Calin, Mihaela Antonina Calin. Evaluation of the radon concentration in Ocna Dej salt mine, . J Radioanal Nucl Chem 286:169-173, 286, 2010.
• M. R. Calin, M. Enachescu, E. Petrescu. DETECTOAR DE RADIATII IONIZANTE. Brevet de Inventie OSIM, nr. 118094, Hotararea nr. 6/151 din 27 11 2005, 2005.


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