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Petruta Madalina Bucur

INCDSB-Bucuresti, Bucuresti, Romania

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Born: 1975

Interests: biochemistry, biosensors, enzyme, microelectrodes, immunosensors

The main domains of competence are analytical chemistry and biochemistry. The principal research area was the development and improvement of new analytical methods based on specific biochemical interactions.
A part of the specializations are: enzymatic biosensor development for substrate or inhibitor detection, different methods for enzyme immobilization and stabilization, spectrometric and piezoelectric analytical methods, use of electrochemical mediators, flow methods of analysis.

Selected publications:
• Bucur, M. P., Bucur, B., Marty, J. -L., Radu, G. -L. . In vitro investigation of anticholinesterase activity of four biochemical pesticides: Spinosad, pyrethrum, neem bark extract and veratrine . Journal of Pesticide Science , 39(1), pp. 48-52, 2014.
• Radulescu, M. -C., Bucur, B., Bucur, M. -P., Radu, G. L. . Bienzymatic biosensor for rapid detection of aspartame by flow injection analysis . Sensors (Switzerland) , 14(1), pp. 1028-1038, 2014.
• Bucur, Madalina-Petruta; Bucur, Bogdan; Radu, Gabriel-Lucian. Critical Evaluation of Acetylthiocholine Iodide and Acetylthiocholine Chloride as Substrates for Amperometric Biosensors Based on Acetylcholinesterase. Sensors , 13, Issue: 2, pp. 1603-1613 , 2013.
• Maria-Cristina Radulescu, Ana Chira, Medeea Radulescu, Bogdan Bucur, Madalina Petruta Bucur, Gabriel Lucian Radu. Determination of Silver(I) by Differential Pulse Voltammetry Using a Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with Synthesized N-(2-Aminoethyl)-4, 4' -Bipyridine. Sensors, 10(12), pp. 11340-1135, 2010.
• Madalina Petruta Bucur, Bogdan Bucur, Cristina Maria Radulescu, Ovidiu Ilie Covaci, Gabriel Lucian Radu. L-Cysteine Determination Based on Tyrosinase Amperometric Biosensors without Interferences from Thiolic Compounds. Analytical Letters, 43(15), pp. 2440-2455, 2010.
• Ovidiu Ilie Covaci, Bogdan Bucur, Madalina Petruta Bucur and Gabriel Lucian Radu. Optimization of acetylcholinesterase immobilization on microelectrodes based on nitrophenyl diazonium for sensitive organophosphate insecticides detection . Microchimica Acta, 2010.
• Maria-Cristina Radulescu, Bogdan Bucur, Madalina Petruta Bucur, Gabriel Lucian Radu. Quality control method based on quartz crystal microbalance and WGA for flour milled from germinated wheat. European Food Research and Technology, 229, pp. 833-840, 2009.
• B. Bucur, M. P. Bucur, G. L. Radu. Improvement of the storage stability for biosensors based on alcohol oxidase immobilized by entrapment in a photopolymerisable matrix. Revista de Chimie, 58, pp. 1145-1148, 2007.
• Madalina P. Dondoi, Bogdan Bucur, Andrei Florin Danet, Constantin Nicolae Toader, Lise Barthelmebs, Jean-Louis Marty. Organophosphorous insecticides extraction and oxidation on column for analysis with a acetylcholinesterase (AChE) biosensor. Analytica Chimica Acta, 578, pp. 162-169, 2006.
• Madalina Petruta Bucur, Andrei Florin Danet, Jean-Louis Marty. Ameliorarea limitelor de detectie ale biosenzorilor bazati pe colinesteraza prin utilizarea unei enzime extrasa din drosophila melanogaster. Revista de Chimie, 57(8), pp. 781-789, 2006.
• Radu Setnescu, Silviu Jipa, Tanta Setnescu, Andrei Florin Danet, Madalina P. Dondoi, Madalina Dumitru. Polymer films dopped with colorants as oxygene sensitive materials. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 8, pp. 682-686, 2006.
• Madalina P. Dondoi, Andrei Florin Danet, Bogdan Bucur, Mihaela C. Cheregi . Organophosphorus pesticide determination with a potentiometric biosensor based on acetylcholinesterase. Revista de Chimie, 56(4), pp. 327-330, 2005.
• Bogdan Bucur, Madalina P. Dondoi, Andrei Florin Danet, Jean-Louis Marty. Insecticide identification using a flow injection analysis system with biosensors based on various cholinesterases. Analytica Chimica Acta, 539(1-2), pp. 195-201, 2005.
• Andrei Florin Danet, Daniela Neagu, Madalina P. Dondoi, Nicolae Iliescu. Anodic stripping voltammetric determination of copper(II) with salicylaldoxime carbon paste electrodes. Revista de Chimie, 55(1), pp. 1-4, 2004.


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