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Constantin Balica

" Babes-Bolyai" University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Born: 1969

Interests: Basement dynamics (Earth Sciences), Continental crust: origin and composition, Geochronology & isotope Geology, Tectonics

My attention is drawn by the mineral zircon. Zircon, by its nature is an important mineral commonly used in isotope geochronology studies. But, is the zircon such a reliable chronometer as most of geoscientist believed to be?

Selected publications:
• I. Balintoni, C. Balica, M. N. Ducea, C. Stremtan. Peri-Amazonian, Avalonian-type and Ganderian-type terranes in the South Carpathians, Romania: The Danubian domain basement. Gondwana Research, doi:10.1016/, 2010.
• Ion Balintoni, Constantin Balica, Antoneta Seghedi, Mihai N. Ducea. Avalonian and Cadomian terranes in North Dobrogea, Romania. Precambrian Research, 182, pp. 217-229, 2010.
• I. Balintoni, C. Balica, M. N. Ducea, L. Zaharia, Fukun Chen, M. Cliveti, H. P. Hann, Li-Qiu Li and L. Ghergari . Late Cambrian-Ordovician northeastern Gondwanan terranes in the basement of the Apuseni Mountains, Romania. Journal of Geological Society, London, 167, pp. 1131-1145, 2010.
• Balintoni, I., Balica, C., Ducea, M., Hann, H. P. & Sabliovschi, V. . The anatomy of a Gondwanan terrane: The Neoproterozoic-Ordovician basement of the pre-Alpine Sebes-Lotru composite terrane (South Carpathians, Romania). Gondwana Research, 17, pp. 561-572, 2010.
• Balintoni, I., Balica, C., Cliveti, M., Li Qiu Li, Hann, H. P., Fukun, Chen , Schuller, V. . The emplacement age of the Muntele Mare Variscan granite (Apuseni Mountains, Romania). Geologica Carpathica, 60, pp. 495-504, 2009.
• Balintoni, I., Balica, C., Ducea, M., Chen, F., Hann, H. P. & Sabliovschi, V. . Late Cambrian-Early Ordovician Gondwanan terranes in the Romanian Carpathians: A zircon U/Pb provenance study. Gondwana Research, 16, pp. 119-133, 2009.


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