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National Institute for Laser Plasma and Radiation Physiscs, BUCHAREST, Romania

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Born: 1946

Interests: optics, lasers, interferometry, holography, metrology, materials

Born 1946
1969 Bachelor in physics
1981 Doctor in physics (contributions to holographic interferometry)
Academy Prize "Dragomir Hurmuzescu" for plasma diagnostics; team headed by A N Prohorov, Nobel prize winner.
1980 (?)-2002 deputy head of Laser Dept.
1982 (?)- 2009 head of Laser Interferometry and Applications Lab.
1993 Senior researcher
Scientific interests:lasers, coherence, interferometry, holography, spectroscopy, Fourier optics,difractive optics, adaptive optics,nano- metrology

Selected publications:
• M. ROSU*, B. IONITA, D. APOSTOL, F. GAROI, P. C. LOGOFATU. Histogram equalization and specification in interferometry. OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS – RAPID COMMUNICATIONS , Vol. 3, No. 4,, pp. p. 376 - 3, 2009.
• D. Apostol, P. C. Logofatu, S. Florea, V. Damian, I. Iordache, M. Bojan, . Accurate calibration of grating pitch . J. Optoelectron. Adv. M, 10(2), pp. 352-355, 2008.
• D. Apostol, V. Damian, P. C. Logofatu. " Nanometrology for microsystems: interferometry, . Romanian Reports in Physics, 60(3), p. 815–828, 2008.
• Logofatu, Petre Catalin; Ardelean, Ioan; Apostol, Dan; Iordache, Iuliana; Bojan, Mihaela; Moisescu, Cristina; Ionita, Bogdan. Determination of the magnetic moment and geometrical dimensions of the magnetotactic bacteria using an optical scattering method. Journal of Applied Physics, 103, Issue 9, pp. 094911-094, 2008.
• Victor Nascov, Dan Apostol, Florin Garoi. Statistical processing of Newton’s rings using discrete Fourier analysis. Optical Engineering, 46, p. 028201, 2007.
• Petre C. Logofatu, Dan Apostol, Victor Damian, Iuliana M. Iordache, Mihaela M. Bojan, and Raluca Müller . Abelè s method revisited . Applied Optics , Vol. 45, Issue 6, pp. pp. 1120-1, 2006.
• Adrian Dobroiu, Dan Apostol, Victor Nascov, and Victor Damian . Tilt-Compensating Algorithm for Phase-Shift Interferometry . Applied Optics, Vol. 41, Issue 13, pp. pp. 2435-2, 2002.
• Adrian Dobroiu, Dan Apostol, Victor Nascov and Victor Damian. Self-calibrating algorithm for three-sample phase-shift interferometry by contrast levelling. Meas. Sci. Technol. , 9 No 5, pp. 744-750, 1998.
• Adrian Dobroiu, Dan Apostol, Victor Nascov and Victor Damian. Statistical self-calibrating algorithm for phase-shift interferometry based on a smoothness assessment of the intensity offset map . Measurement Science and Technology, 9 , pp. 1451-1455 , 1998.
• Adrian Dobroiu, Petre Catalin Logofatu, Dan Apostol and Victor Damian. Statistical self-calibrating algorithm for three-sample phase-shift interferometry . Meas. Sci. Technol. , 8 , pp. 738-745, 1997.
• Apostol, Dan; Logofatu, Petre-Catalin; Damian, Victor; Dobroiu, Adrian. Sensitivity analysis of parameter determination from measurements of directly measurable quantities using the Jacobian. Optical Engineering , 35(05), pp. 1288-1291,, 1996.


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