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Bogdan Diaconescu

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, USA

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Born: 1900

Interests: solid state, nanotechnology, plasmonics, surface science, self-assembly, surface electronic properties, catalysis, scanning tunneling microscopy, instrumentation

Solid state physics of dimensionally reduced systems, mainly focused on the geometric, electronic, dynamical, and optical properties of surfaces and thin films. I am also interested in instrumentation development.

Selected publications:
• Bogdan Diaconescu, Teng Yang, Savas Berber, Mikael Jazdzyk, Glen P. Miller, David Tomanek, and Karsten Pohl. Molecular self-assembly of funtionalized fullerenes on a metal surface. Phys. Rev. Lett. , 102, p. 056102, 2009.
• Bogdan Diaconescu, Georgi Nenchev, Juan de la Figuera, and Karsten Pohl. An ultra high vacuum fast-scanning and variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope for large scale imaging. Rev. Scient. Instrum. , 78, p. 103701, 2007.
• Bogdan Diaconescu, Karsten Pohl, Luca Vattuone, Letizia Savio, Philip Hofmann, Vyacheslav M. Silkin, Jose M. Pitarke, Eugene V. Chulkov, Pedro M. Echenique, Daniel Farias, Mario Rocca. Low-energy acoustic plasmons at metal surfaces. Nature, 448, p. 57, 2007.


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