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Octavian Buiu

Honeywell Romania SRL, Bucharest, Romania

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Born: 1963

Interests: sensors, nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, smart materials

- Graduate of the Physics Faculty, University of Bucharest (1987); PhD in Atomic and Molecular Physics at the University of Cluj (1998)
- Research Scientist and Snr. Research Scientist at the Institute of Microtechnology, Bucharest (1989 - 1997);
- Research Associate, Snr. Research Fellow, lecturer and Snr lecturer at De-Montfort University, Leicester and the University of Liverpool, Liverpool (1997 - 2007)
- Research Scientist and Portfolio manager at the Sensors and Wireless lab, Honeywell Romania
- Member of IEEE Inc, USA (since 1991) and Institute of Physics, UK (since 2000)

Selected publications:
• O. Buiu, W. Davey, Y. Lu, I. Z. Mitrovic, S. Hall. Ellipsometric analysis of mixed metal oxides thin films. Thin Solid Films, 517, 2008.
• O. Buiu, S. Hall, O. Engstrom, B. Raeissi, M. Lemme, P. K. Hurley, K. Cherkaoui. Extracting the relative dielectric constant for " high-& #954; layers" from CV measurements - Errors and error propagation. Microelectronics Reliability, , 47, 2007.
• Y. Lu, S. Hall, O. Buiu, J. F. Zhang. Real-time observation of charging dynamics in hafnium silicate films using MOS capacitance transients . Microelectronic Engineering, , 84, pp. 2390-2393, 2007.


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