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Liviu Giosan

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, USA

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Born: 1968

Interests: Marine Geology, Paleoclimatology, Sedimentology, Science Policy


Geoscientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Associated Scientist w/ Tenure). Educated in Geology in Romania (Diploma, Bucharest University) and Oceanography in the US (MSc and PhD, State University of New York at Stony Brook).

Leader and participant in research cruises on the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans and land-based expeditions in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Studies published in leading scientific journals such as Nature, Geology, Nature Geoscience, Proceedings of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Geophysical Research Letters.

His contributions reported in National Geographic, Discovery, New York Times, BBC and other mass media venues include: discovery of a new type of delta, the recognition of a fundamental sediment deficit for most river deltas to withstand future sea level rise, the first accurate determination of the age of the Danube Delta, demonstrating the catastrophic effects of deforestation on the evolution of the Danube delta and the Black Sea and analyses of the climatic causes of the development and decline of the ancient civilizations of India.

Giosan was a Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, a CICOR Postdoctoral Scholar at WHOI and a NAFSA Baltic and East European Program awardee at SUNY Stony Brook. He is an Editorial Board member for the journals Anthropocene and Frontiers in Earth Sciences. Giosan is a member of the U.S. Advisory Committee for the International Ocean Discovery Program and a member of the Mississippi River Diversion Expert Panel.

He initiated and co-founded the Ad Astra Association of Romanian researchers in 2000 and published analyses and OpEd texts in leading Romanian media such as "Romania Curata", "Adevarul", "Romania Libera" and "Dilema."

ResearcherID: F-1809-2010

Selected publications:
• Cearreta, A., Xavier Benito, Carles Ibáńez, Rosa Trobajo, and Liviu Giosan . Holocene palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Ebro Delta (Western Mediterranean Sea): Evidence for an early construction based on the benthic foraminiferal record. The Holocene, online ahead of print, p. in press, 2016.
• Nienhuis, J. H., A. D. Ashton, W. Nardin, S. Fagherazzi, and L. Giosan. Alongshore sediment bypassing as a control on river mouth morphodynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface, 121, p. in press, 2016.
• Bolton, Clara T., María T. Hernández-Sánchez, Miguel-Ángel Fuertes, Saúl González-Lemos, Lorena Abrevaya, Ana Mendez-Vicente, José-Abel Flores, Ian Probert, Liviu Giosan, Joel Johnson and Heather M. Stoll. Decrease in coccolithophore calcification and CO2 since the middle Miocene. Nature Communications, 7, p. 10284, 2016.
• Vonk, Jorien E., Liviu Giosan, Jerzy Blusztajn, Daniel Montlucon, Elisabeth Graf Pannatier, Cameron McIntyre, Lukas Wacker, Robie W. Macdonald, Mark B. Yunker, Timothy I. Eglinton. Spatial variations in geochemical characteristics of the modern Mackenzie Delta sedimentary system. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 171, pp. 100-120, 2015.
• Zorzi, C., Maria Fernanda Sanchez Goni, Krishnamurthy Anupama, Srinivasan Prasad, Vincent Hanquiez, Joel Johnson, Liviu Giosan. Indian monsoon variations during three contrasting climatic periods: The Holocene, Heinrich Stadial 2 and the last interglacial–glacial transition. Quaternary Science Reviews, 125, p. 50–60, 2015.
• Constantinescu, S., Diana Achim, Ioan Rus, Liviu Giosan. Embanking the Lower Danube: From Natural to Engineered Floodplains and Back. In Paul F. Hudson, Hans Middelkoop (eds.), Geomorphic Approaches to Integrated Floodplain Management of Lowland Fluvial Systems in North America and Europe, pp. 265-288. Springer, 2015.
• Nienhuis, J. H., Andrew D. Ashton and Liviu Giosan. What makes a delta wave-dominated?. Geology, 43, pp. 511-514, 2015.
• Ferrier, K. L., Jerry X. Mitrovica, Liviu Giosan, Peter D. Clift. Sea-level responses to erosion and deposition of sediment in the Indus River basin and the Arabian Sea. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 416, pp. 12-20, 2015.
• Ali, S., Ed C Hathorne, Martin Frank, Daniel Gebregiorgis, Karl Stattegger, Roland Stumpf, Steffen Kutterolf, Joel E Johnson, Liviu Giosan. South Asian monsoon history over the past 60 kyr recorded by radiogenic isotopes and clay mineral assemblages in the Andaman Sea. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, online ahead of print, 2015.
• Giosan, L, J Syvitski, S Constantinescu, J Day. Climate change: protect the world' s deltas. Nature, 516/7529, pp. 31-33, 2014.
• Teichert, B. M. A., J. E. Johnson, E. A. Solomon, L. Giosan, K. Rose, M. Kocherla, E. C. Connolly, M. E. Torres. Composition and origin of authigenic carbonates in the Krishna-Godavari and Mahanadi Basins, eastern continental margin of India. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in press, 2014.
• Johnson, J. E., Stephen C. Phillips, Marta E. Torres, Elena Pińero, Kelly K. Rose, Liviu Giosan. Influence of total organic carbon deposition on the inventory of gas hydrate in the Indian continental margins. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in press, 2014.
• Cawthern, T., J. E. Johnson, L. Giosan, J. A. Flores, K. Rose, E. Solomon. A late Miocene-early Pliocene biogenic silica crash in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in press, 2014.
• Filip, F, L Giosan. Evolution of Chilia lobes of the Danube delta: Reorganization of deltaic processes under cultural pressures. Anthropocene, in press, 2014.
• Peterse, F, JE Vonk, RM Holmes, L Giosan, N Zimov, TI Eglinton. Branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers in Arctic lake sediments: Sources and implications for paleothermometry at high latitudes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, in press, 2014.
• Filipova-Marinova, M, D Pavlov, S Vergiev, V Slavchev, L Giosan. Varna Lake (north-eastern Bulgaria): vegetation history and human impact during the last 8000 years. Grana, in press, 2014.
• Phillips, SC, JE Johnson, MB Underwood, J Guo, L Giosan, K Rose. Long-timescale variation in bulk and clay mineral composition of Indian continental margin sediments in the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and Andaman Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in press, 2014.
• Flores, J. A., J. E. Johnson, A. E. Mejía-Molina, M. C. Álvarez, F. J. Sierro, S. D. Singh, Syamal Mahanti, L. Giosan. Sedimentation rates from calcareous nannofossil and planktonic foraminifera biostratigraphy in the Andaman Sea, northern Bay of Bengal, and eastern Arabian Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in press, 2014.
• Rose, KK, JE Johnson, ME Torres , W Hong , L Giosan , EA Solomon , M Kastner , T Cawthern , PE Long , H Todd Schaef. Anomalous porosity preservation and preferential accumulation of gas hydrate in the Andaman Accretionary Wedge, NGHP-01 Site 17A. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in press, 2014.
• Nace TE, Baker PA, Dwyer GS, Silva CG, Rigsby CA, Burns SJ, Giosan L, Otto-Bliesner B, Liu Z, Zhu J. . The role of North Brazil Current transport in the paleoclimate of the Brazilian Nordeste margin and paleoceanography of the western tropical Atlantic during the late Quaternary. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, in press, 2014.
• Clift, PD and Giosan, L. Sediment fluxes and buffering in the post-glacial Indus Basin. Basin Research, 26, p. 369–386, 2014.
• Filipova-Marinova, M., Danail Pavlov, Marco Coolen, Liviu Giosan, Stoyan Vergiev. Vegetation development in the central part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast during the last 13 000 years. Grana, 2014.
• Bentley, S. J., Freeman, A. M., Willson, C. S., Cable, J. E., Giosan., L. Using what we have: Optimizing sediment management in Mississippi River delta restoration to improve the economic viability of the nation. In John W. Day, G. Paul Kemp, Angelina M. Freeman, David P. Muth (eds.), Perspectives on the Restoration of the Mississippi Delta, pp. 85-97. Springer, 2014.
• Liviu Giosan, Angelina M. Freeman . How Deltas Work: A Brief Look at the Mississippi River Delta in a Global Context. In John W. Day, G. Paul Kemp, Angelina M. Freeman, David P. Muth (eds.), Perspectives on the Restoration of the Mississippi Delta, pp. 29-32. Springer, 2014.
• Phillips, S. C., Joel E. Johnson, Liviu Giosan, Kelly Rose. Monsoon-influenced variation in productivity and lithogenic sediment flux since 110 ka in the offshore Mahanadi Basin, northern Bay of Bengal. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 2014.
• Syvitski, J. P. M., Albert J. Kettner, Irina Overeem, Liviu Giosan, G. Robert Brakenridge, Mark Hannon, Roger Bilham. Anthropocene Metamorphosis of the Indus Delta and Lower Floodplain. Anthropocene, 2014.
• Clift, PD, Giosan, L, Henstock, TJ and Tabrez, AR. Sediment storage and reworking on the shelf and in the Canyon of the Indus River-Fan System since the last glacial maximum. Basin Research, 26, p. 183–202, 2014.
• Xing F., A. J. Kettner, A. Ashton, L. Giosan, C. Ibáńez, J. O. Kaplan. . Fluvial response to climate variations and anthropogenic perturbations for the Ebro River, Spain in the last 4000 years. . Science of the Total Environment, 73/474, pp. 20-31, 2014.
• Nienhuis, J. H., A. D. Ashton, P. C. Roos, S. J. M. H. Hulscher, L. Giosan. Wave reworking of abandoned deltas. Geophysical Research Letters, 40, 2013.
• Giosan, L., Constantinescu, S., Filip, F., Bing, D. INVITED: Maintenance of large deltas through channelization: Nature vs. humans in the Danube delta. Anthropocene, 2013.
• Marco J. L. Coolen, William D. Orsi, Cherel Balkema, Christopher Quince, Keith Harris, Sean P. Sylva, Mariana Filipova-Marinova, and Liviu Giosan. Evolution of the plankton paleome in the Black Sea from the Deglacial to Anthropocene. Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences, 110, 21, p. 8609–8614, 2013.
• Ashton, A., Hutton, E., Kettner, A. J., Xing, F., Kallumadikal, J., Nienhuis, J., Giosan, L. . Progress in coupling models of coastline and fluvial dynamics. Computers & Geosciences, 53, pp. 48-57 , 2013.
• BOOK: Giosan, L., D. Q. Fuller, K. Nicoll, R. K. Flad, and P. D. Clift (Eds. ). Climates, Landscapes, and Civilizations. Geophysical Monograph Series, American Geophysical Union, Washington, D. C. , 2012.
• David R. Limmer, Timothy J. Henstock, Liviu Giosan, Camilo Ponton, Ali R. Tabrez, David I. M. Macdonald, Peter D. Clift. Impacts of sediment supply and local tectonics on clinoform distribution: the seismic stratigraphy of the mid Pleistocene-Holocene Indus Shelf. Marine Geophysical Research, 33(3), pp. 251-267, 2012.
• Liviu Giosan, Marco J. L. Coolen, Jed O. Kaplan, Stefan Constantinescu, Florin Filip, Mariana Filipova-Marinova, Albert J. Kettner & Nick Thom. Early Anthropogenic Transformation of the Danube-Black Sea System. Scientific Reports, 2, p. 582, 2012.
• Giosan, L; Clift, PD; Macklin, MG; Fuller, DQ; Constantinescu, S; Durcan, JA; Stevens, T; Duller, GAT; Tabrez, AR; Gangal, K; Adhikari, R; Alizai, A; Filip, F; VanLaningham, S; Syvitski, JPM. Fluvial landscapes of the Harappan civilization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109, pp. E1688-E169, 2012.
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