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Ioan Manuel Ciumasu

Université de Versailles / Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Versailles (France) / Iasi (Romania), Other countries

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Born: 1975

Interests: eco-innovation, sustainability studies, environmental technologies, biosensors, pollution, environment, ecology, ecological chemistry, ecotoxicology, biodiversity, brain drain vs brain networking


RESEARCH & TEACHING - 09 April 2013

My current research and teaching is in eco-innovation methods and tools development. I study the relation between science and business, with a focus on multi-disciplinary thinking, scenarios and strategy. This includes experiments of open innovation in science-business clusters and networks, technological choices, entrepreneurship, learning and knowledge management.
I tend to regard my own education and experience as a materialization of the creative tensions between technology push and market pull. I have a combined social and natural sciences’ training and experience. After earning a magna cum laude PhD (dr. rer. nat.) from the Technical University Munich (Jan. 2006) with a commercially-minded technical thesis on device prototype development, I have led multi-disciplinary projects on methods development for knowledge management, science-business interaction and innovation towards sustainable development.

My recently published or under-review papers went to journals like Technology Forecasting & Social Change, Science & Public Policy, Research Policy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Technovation, and Journal of Business Venturing. A paper on teaching-learning methods will be submitted to the journal Academy of Management Learning & Education: the development of a world-first Master Programme in Management of Eco-Innovation, inside a university-industry cluster in Paris-Versailles. Much of my earlier work was published in science and engineering journals like Environmental Science and Pollution Research; Biosensors and Bioelectronics; Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Journal of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste.

Since 2005, I have been carrying out trans-disciplinary (managerial and problem solving-oriented) work, by leading multi-expert projects which combined technological and social sciences and bridged disciplines that are relevant for innovation and sustainability. I have wrote and co-led two projects (165 and 570 thousand USD) funded by Swiss and Romanian research agencies, bringing together science, business and government for institutional and systemic innovation and capacity building. I have contributed to two large projects financed by the European Commission: one on research infrastructure (Structural Funds) and one on curriculum and education for sustainability (Leonardo da Vinci programme) with partners from Germany, France, Romania and Spain. I am active in several professional associations, as institutional or private representative; and a regular contributor to University in Society – UNISO,, a European series of summer workshops – this year to be held at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France.

Since 2010, I am (contract until August 2013, renewable) an Assistant/Associate Professor of Urban Sustainable Development and Eco-Innovation at Econoving, – an international chair and industrial cluster at the University of Versailles (UVSQ) in Paris, my duties being:
• Director and developer of the International Professional Master in Management of Eco-Innovation,
a 1-year trans-disciplinary program established in 2009 – first of the kind; teacher and coordinator of student projects.
• Education co-organiser, teacher and researcher of pedagogical process and institutional building within network represented by the European Commission’s European Institute of Innovation of Technology – EIT, notably within the Climate KIC project, – a ‘Knowledge and Innovation Community’ bringing together universities and large firms from France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and UK.
• Researcher of the relations between science and business: learning organisations, entrepreneurship and innovation, technology push dynamics, scenarios, epistemology. I am relying on a mixed, technical and business education and experience, to study the process of innovation for sustainability – eco-innovation. My latest publications concern the interaction patterns (i) between science, industry and governmental actors, and (ii) between different traditional fields of knowledge, e.g., natural and social sciences.
• Co-supervisor of postdocs and PhD students (bridging science and business).
• Main institutional contact within Science|Business, – a London- and Brussels-based media company and European network of elite academic and industrial innovators. This includes participation in Policy Bridge meetings and Roundtables with representatives from large internationals, research institutions and European institutions; Selection Jury member for the ACES Awards – a pan-European award for university spin-offs.


03 Dec. 2012, Can EU = Entrepreneurship Union? New Approaches to Helping Small Companies Grow – a webcast discussion on European Union’s support to entrepreneurship. At the Mission of Norway to the EU, Brussels, Belgium. Participants: European Commission – DG for Interprise & Industry, entrepreneurs, academics and large internationals.

13 Nov. 2012, Horizon 2020: The Parliament Speaks, a webcast discussion on European R&D budgets for 2014-2020. At the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Participants: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), entrepreneurs, academics, large internationals.

28 Sept. 2012, Resource Innovation: New ideas for managing scarce resources and energy. A roundtable sponsored by BP, at the State of Hessen (Germany) Representation in Brussels, Belgium. Participants: European Commission, academics, industries.

12 June 2012, Q&A on future of EU Energy Policy (roundtable and webcast). At the Sofitel EU, Brussels, Belgium, Participants: European Commission – DG Energy, academics, industries.

27 March 2012, Horizon2020. Policy Bridge roundtable on the 8th Framework Program proposed by the European Commission for 2014-2020, and submitted to the Council and to the EP. At the Scotland House, Brussels, Belgium. Participation of the EC, MEPs, academics, industries.

19 Jan. 2012, Personalised Health Care: From Theory to Practice. At the Royal College of Physicians, London: Participants: European Commission (COST), EIT academics, industrials,

21 February 2012, ACES Awards Conference and Ceremony. A pan-European award for university spin-offs, at the Royal Academy of Science in Brussels. I went together with 4 selected students from the Econoving Master which have received Econoving travel grants.

07 Dec. 2011, Selection Jury of the ACES Awards (2012 edition). At the Leuven Catholic University in Leuven (and Brussels), Belgium; section awards: Life Sciences; New Materials & Engineering; ICT-Microsoft; Young Entrepreneurs.
2012 Jury list available here:

06 Dec. 2011, Open Innovation: Can it work in Europe? A roundtable of SB’s Innovation Board, within the 1st Innovation Convention of the European Commission, 5-6 Dec. 2011, in Brussels.,

23 Nov. 2011, How to plan Europe’s energy future: A new approach to energy research and innovation. A roundtable sponsored by BP, In Bruissels, Belgium. Report available here:

30 June 2011, What future for the EIT? A business-policy bridge discussion, with participation of the European Commission and of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology – EIT. At the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

07 Nov. 2011, Urban Foresight Workshop on the Formulation of Foresight Themes. Workshop of the European Foresight Platform in collaboration with the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI), in Vienna – Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Selected publications:
• Ciumasu IM (corresp), Costica M, Secu CV, Gurjar BR, Ojha CSP. Adapting to climate change: technologies, perceptions, education, and perspectives. In Surampalli RY et al (ed.), Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change, pp. 490-512. ASCE Press (American Society of Civil Engineers), 2013.
• Ciumasu IM. We need large-scale experimentation platforms for cross-sector innovation in Europe. In Science|Business, (Viewpoints, online). 2013.
• Ciumasu IM. Dynamic decision trees for building resilience into future eco-cities. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 2013.
• Ciumasu IM. Technological transitions on shifting markets: the emergence of eco-innovation. In Micro Nano Systems – Micro Nano Fluidics, 02-03 July 2012 (Journées Nationales du GDR Micro Nano Systè mes – Micro Nano Fluidique) University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France. 2012.
• Ciumasu IM. Biosensors, eco-innovation and markets. In Biosensors 2012, 15-18 May, Cancun, Mexico. 2012.
• Ciumasu IM . Ecological disturbance theory for future eco-cities: towards annular cities?. In EcoSummit 2012 – Ecological Sustainability. Restoring the Planets Ecosystem Services, 30 Sept. – 05 Oct., Columbus - Ohio, USA. 2012.
• Ciumasu IM, Buzdugan L, Stefan N, Culver K. Ecosystem Planning. In Jorgensen SJ (ed.), Encyclopedia of Environmental Management , Vol. 1. 2012.
• Ciumasu IM et al. Complex risks from old urban waste landfills - a sustainability perspective from Iasi, Romania. Journal of Hazardous, Toxic & Radioactive Waste, 16, pp. 158-168, 2012.
• Ciumasu IM, Culver K. Eco-cities in a globalized future - from Constantinopolis to "Cosmopolis"?. In ESEE 2011: Advancing Ecological Economics: Theory and Practice, 14-17 June, Istanbul, Turkey. 2011.
• Ciumasu IM. Turning brain drain into brain networking. Science and Public Policy, 37(2), pp. 135-146, 2010.
• Ioan M. Ciumasu. From the transition to market economy to the transition to sustainability in Central Europe - a civic scientist's perspective. In Transformation, Innovation and Adaptation for Sustainability - Integrating Natural and Social Sciences. The 8th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics, 29. 06 - 02. 07. 2009.
• Neamtu M, Ciumasu IM, Costica N, Costica M, Bobu M, Nicoara MN, Catrinescu C, Becker van Slooten K, De Alencastro LF. Chemical, biological, and ecotoxicological assessment of pesticides and persistent organic pollutants in the Bahlui River, Romania. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, ESPR Online First, DOI: 10.1007/s11356-009-0101-0, 2009.
• Ciumasu IM, Neamtu M, Costica N, De Alencastro LF. POPIASI: Chemical, biological and ecotoxicological assessment of pollution with pesticides and POPs in Bahlui River, Romania. Danube News, 17, pp. 9-10, 2008.
• Ciumasu IM, Manolescu I, Costica N, Talmaciu M, Costica M, Nita V, Stefan N. . Sustainable exploitation of ecosystems using scenarios of sustainable vs. unsustainable economic development: the Ciric River basin, Iasi, Romania. ISEE 2008: Applying Ecological Economics for Social and Environmental Sustainability, 7-11. 08. 2008, Nairobi, , Talk, section VII-7.4 – Integrated modelling approaches, 2008.
• Ciumasu IM, Lupu A, Costica N, Netedu A, Stratu A, Miftode V, Stefan N. Integrating social perception of nature with economic development. In ISEE 2008: Applying Ecological Economics for Social and Environmental Sustainability (ISEE), 7-11. 08. 2008, Nairobi, Talk, section VII-7.4 - Integrated modelling approaches. 2008.
• Ciumasu, I. M. Circulation mondial du talent – une solution pour le développement de la Roumanie (in English: International circulation of talent – a solution for the development of Romania). In Université dans la Société – UNISO, edition 2007: La formation tout au long de la vie et le certifications professionnelles dans l' enseignement supérieur. (In English: University within Society – UNISO, edition 2007: Life-long education and professional c. 2007.
• Ciumasu, I. M. Triggering sustainable development: challenging local authorities with problem-solving oriented research. In Sustainable Neighbourhood – from Lisbon to Leipzig through Research (L2L) – " A conference on research for sustainable development in Europe" , 08-10. 05. 2007, Leipzig, Germany, Section 1. 1 European Partnership for Sustainability. 2007.
• Costica, N., Ciumasu, I. M., Costica, M. Partnership for human resources development in Romania and the European Union: methodological training of trainers in the field of environmental education. In The Second European Fair on Education for Sustainable Development, 13-15. 09. 2006, Hamburg, Germany, p. 36. 2006.
• Gurjar, B. P., Ciumasu, I. M., Costica, N., Kumar, A., Ojha, C. S. P. Overexploitation of ecosystem resources vs. the costs of storms and flooding risk management. In Climate Change and Disaster Losses: Understanding and Attributing Trends and Projections, 25-26. 05. 2006, Hohenkammer (Munich), Germany, pp. 95-107. 2006.
• Ciumasu, I. M. Environmental science and technology in Romania: the need and the possibilities of cooperation between Romanian Universities and the Romanian researchers and students at the European Universities. In Université dans la société – UNISO, edition 2005: université et employ, (in English: University within Society – UNISO, edition 2005: university and labour market), 18-23. 07. 2005, Cherbourg, France. 2005.
• Krämer, P. M., Kremmer, E., Weber, C. -M., Ciumasu, I. M., Forster, S., Kettrup, A. A. Development of a panel of new rat monoclonal antibodies with different selectivities and sensitivities for 2, 4, 6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) and other nitroaromatic compounds. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 382, pp. 1919-1933, 2005.
• Ciumasu, I. M., Krämer, P. M., Weber, C. -M., Kolb, G., Tiemann, D., Windisch, S. Frese, I., Kettrup, A. A. A new, versatile single-use field immunosensor for environmental pollutants. Development and proof of principle with TNT, diuron and atrazine. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 21, pp. 354-364, 2005.


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