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Elena Aionicesei

University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

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Born: 1980

Interests: biomaterials, environment, sustainable development

Oct 2000 - July 2001: National Consultancy Center for Environmental Protection, Bucharest, Romania (Prof. Aurelia Meghea)
- Absorption of Arsenic (V) from aqueous solutions using synthetic resins
- Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

March 2004 - July 2004: Faculty of Chemical Engineering, "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania, Department of Macromolecular Compounds Technology (Prof. Sorin Vasilescu)
- Synthesis of Maleic Anhydride - Dicyclopentadiene copolymer

Oct 2005-July 2006: Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science, "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Romania, Department of general Chemistry (Prof. Ioana Demetrescu)
- Corrosion tests on Co-Cr-Mo alloys
- Potentiostatic and potentiodynamic measurements

Oct 2006 - to present: Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia, Laboratory of Separation Processes, (Prof. Z. Knez)
- Sorption of CO2 in polymers
- Magnetic Suspension Balance
- Composite materials
- Gas Foaming

Selected publications:
• Aionicesei E, Skerget M, Knez Z. Measurement and modeling of the CO2 solubility in poly(ethylene glycol) of different molecular weights. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 53, pp. 185-188, 2008.
• Elena Aionicesei, Daniela Ionita, Florin Miculescu, Anisoara Cimpan, Ioana Demetrescu. Connection between biocompatibility and electrochemical stability of a Co-Cr-Mo alloy. Revista de Chimie, 57, pp. 813-818, 2006.

Publications from the ISI database, indexed between 2002-2011, produced in Romania:
• Aionicesei, E; Ionita, D; Miculescu, F; Cimpan, A; Demetrescu, I, Connection between biocompatibility and electrochemical stability of a Co-Cr-Mo alloy. REVISTA DE CHIMIE, 57 (8), pp. 813-818, 2006.
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