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Violeta Astratinei

Institutul National de C-D pentru Protectia Mediului-ICIM; departament Monitoring Integrat si Managementul Calitatii Apelor, Bucuresti, Romania

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Born: 1967

Interests: ecology, microbiology, bioremediation, aquatic ecosystems, monitoring and management

- absolventa a Universitatii Bucuresti, Facultatea de biologie cu specializare in Ecologie (1991);
-angajare in cercetare, domeniul microbiologie/bacteriologie acvatica la ICIM Bucuresti (1991);
-doctorat la Universitatea Bucuresti, departamentul Ecologia Sistemelor si Dezvoltare Durabila (1996-2004);
-completare studii doctorat la Universitatea Wageningen (NL), Departamentul Tehnologii de Mediu (2003-2004);
-in prezent cercetator principal II, la Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Protectia Mediului.

Selected publications:
• Violeta Astratinei and Ioana Varduca. Effect of metal pollution on aquatic microorganisms: mining areas case study. Transilvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research, 6, pp. 111-119, 2008.
• Violeta Astratinei, Eric van Hullebush and Piet Lens. Bioconversion of Selenate in Methanogenic Anaerobic Sludge, . Journal of Environmental Quality, vol. 35, pp. 1873-1883, 2006.
• Violeta Astratinei, Eric Van Hullebusch, Piet Lens. Selenium removal from wastewater using anaerobic granular sludge. In " Biotechnology: Back to the future?!" . March 11-12. De Reehorst Center, Ede, Netherlands. 2004.
• Violeta Astratinei, M. Constantinescu. Microbial bioassays based on inhibition of bioluminescence - application on the Siret River Basin from Romania. In Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, Vol. 5 (2), pp. 252-258. 2004.
• Violeta Astratinei. Bacteria Associations in Freshwater Ecosystems. In ECO-GEOWATER " GI and Water Use Management" . March 18-22. Genova, Italy. 2003.

Theses and dissertations:
• Violeta Astratinei. Contributii la estimarea rolului comunitatilor de microorganisme in ecosistemele lotice poluate. 2004.


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