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Adrian Covasnianu

S. C. Pro-Activ Consulting S. R. L. , Iasi, Romania

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Born: 1983

Interests: geography, gis, hydrology, urbanism and territory planning, climate risk

Currently I'm a PhD in geography obtained at the University "Al.I.Cuza" Iasi-Faculty of Geography-Geology.
I'm a associate researcher from CUGUAT-TIGRIS Research Center (Urban and Territory Planning)
I was involved in REELD campaign which consists of creating a DSM using Airborne-LIDAR technique over Danube Plain in Romania. My contribution within this national project consisted of processing the raw data from LIDAR, interpreting the data, elaboration of cartographic representation (geomorphology domain) and publishing articles in international and national publications.

Selected publications:
• Adrian Covasnianu, Liliana-Elena Covasnianu. An Urban Perspective upon Moldavian Settlements. From Political Desideratum to Territorial Reality. ROMANIAN REVIEW OF REGIONAL STUDIES, X, pp. 39-46, 2015.
• A. Covasnianu, O. G. Tudose . Airborne LIDAR data and GIS technique outputs over Romanian Danube Plain with a special attention on geomorphology. Carpathian journal of earth and environmental sciences, 8, pp. 117 - 126, 2013.
• A. COVASNIANU, I. R. GRIGORAS, L. E. STATE, D. BALIN, S. HOGAS, I. BALIN . Mapping Snow Avalanche Risk Using GIS Technique and 3D Modeling. Case Study - Ceahlau National Park. Romanian Journal of Physics, 56, pp. 476-483, 2011.
• Covasnianu Adrian, Liliana-Elena Covasnianu. Robert Schuman-Pere de l' Union Européenne. Editura AS' S, pp. 148-152, 2010.
• Adrian Covasnianu, Mihai Cazacu, Alexis Merlaud, Joelle Bechara, Victor-Daniel Carbunaru, Daniel-Eduard Constantin. TROPOSPHERIC EXPLORATION ABOVE MOLDAVIA PROVINCE: TRACE GAS MEASUREMENTS ATR-42 FLIGHT AS0729 ON THE 16TH OF JULY 2007. PRESENT ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, 2, pp. 100-109, 2008.
• Mircea Grigorovschi (coord. ), R. P. Cernescu, A. Covasnianu, I. R. Grigoras, M. A. Horaicu, E. Iacob, D. Piciorus, G. Plesu. Planificarea strategica in amenajarea teritoriului transfrontalier in context pan-european. Editura Alfa, 2008.
• A. Covasnianu, M. M. Cazacu, I. Balin. Advanced DTM generation using AIRBORNE LIDAR technique. StudiaCrescent - Geographia Technica, 2-2008, 2008.
• I. R. Grigoras, A. Covasnianu, Ghe. Plesu, B. Venedict . Topographic survey: From classical method to 3D laser scanning with application in civil engineering . StudiaCrescent - Geographia Technica, 2-2008, 2008.
• A. Covasnianu, M. M. Cazacu, N. Libralesso, L. Galisson , M. Memier and I. Balin. Digital Terrain Model by airborne LIDAR technique: an essential tool for hydrologic risks assessment. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, Vol. 9, No. 11, p. 3529 ̵, 2007.
• Mihai Cazacu, Eduard-Daniel Constantin, Adrian Covasnianu si Ioan Balin. O3, SO2 and NOx Urban Processes: Point Monitor Measurement & Interpretation in Bucharest-Spring 2006. In 1st International Summer School-Optoelectronic Techniques for Environmental Monitoring and Risk Assessment, 978-973-85818-8-3, pp. 217-221. Editura INOE, 2006.

Theses and dissertations:
• Covasnianu Adrian. Regiunile de dezvoltare in Romania europeana. Intre deziderat politic si realitate teritoriala. 2011.


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