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Nicolae Marius Barlea

Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Born: 1955

Interests: physics, sensors, medical physics, semiconductors, thin film technology


*Conduct R&D including design, manufacture and testing of sensors
*Apply R&D findings to design new equipment
*Direct staff of engineering personnel
*Teach, advise and counsel students on academic and personal concerns
*Transmit information in clear and lapidary form


*Wrote a book "Sensors Physics"
*Wrote a course "Semiconductors, Dielectrics and Applications"
*Wrote 29 technical reports, 36 scientific communications, 9 articles
*Directed 20 research themes
*Research on piezoelectric acoustic gas sensor
*Design and construction of catalytic sensors with transitional oxides
*Research on thermal mass flow sensor
*Design and construction of Electronic stimulator for acupuncture points
*Research on skin impedance measurement for acupuncture points detection
*Design and construction of Semiconductor sensor for combustion gases
*Design and construction of Catalytic sensor with platinum filament
*Research on electrochemical transducer for carbon monoxide
*Design and construction of Portable methane gas detector
*Design and construction of Semiconductor sensor (SnO2) for methane gas
*Design and construction of DC magnetron sputtering device
*Research on thin films for interference filters
*Research on transparent conducting thin films (CdO, SnO2, ZnO)
*Research on WO3 films for gas detection and electrochromic diplay
*Research on technology for thin films deposition with electronic gun
*Design and construction of Pyroelectric IR detectors for gas analysis
*Research on electrical stimulation of acupuncture points
*Research on electrical stimulation of muscles

Selected publications:
• D. Dadarlat, R. M. Candea, N. M. Barlea. Majority carrier concentration and quasi-fermi level for Pb1-xSnxTe DH diode lasers. Physica Status Solidi (a), 76, p. K61, 1983.
• Al. Anghel, N. M. Barlea, M. Crisan. Localized states in itinerant electron antiferomagnet. Solid State Communications, 28, pp. 711-714, 1978.


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