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Catalin Mihai Ciupala

Colegiul National " Andrei Saguna" Brasov, Brasov, Romania

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Born: 1974

Interests: noncommutative differentail geometry, algebra, mathematical physics


1) About Hochschild and cyclic homology of quantized algebra, Lucrarile Conferintei Anuale a S.S.M.R., Brasov, 24-26 Mai 2001, Ed. Univ. "Transilvania", Brasov, 47-55. ISBN 973-635-044-4.

2) Linear connections on almost commutative algebras, Acta Math. Univ. Comenianae, 72, (2003), 197-207. ISSN 0862-9544.

3) Connections and distributions on quantum hyperplane. Czech. J. Phys. 54 (2004), 921-932. (Academia Cehia, catalogata ISI). ISSN 0011-4626.

4) Linear connections on differential graded -algebras, Recent Advances in Geometry and Topology, Eds. P. Blaga, D. Andrica, Cluj Univ. Press., 2004, 131-146.

5) ρ-Differential calculi and linear connections on matrix algebra, Int. J. Geom. Methods in Mod. Phys., 1 (2004), 847-863. (catalogata ISI). ISSN 0219-8878.

6) Fields and forms on ρ-algebras. Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. -Math. Sciences. 112 (2005), 57-65. (Academia India, catalogata ISI) ISSN 0253-4142.

7) Fields and forms on ρ-algebras. -publicata pe site-ul (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

8) Differential calculus on almost commutative algebras with applications to the quantum hyperplane, Archivum Mathematicum (Brno), 41 (2005), 359-377. ISSN 0044-8753.

9) The Forbenius theorem on quantum hyperplane Acta Math. Univ. Comenianae. 75 (1) 2006. ISSN 0862-9544.

10) ρ-Differential calculus and linear connections on matrix algebra. Mathematical Reports, Vol. 8(58). 4, 2006. Acad. Romana. RM-ISSN 0039-4068.

11) 2-rho-derivations on a rho-algebra and applications to the quaternionic algebra, Int. J. Geom. Methods in Mod. Phys., 4 (3) (2007), (catalogata ISI). ISSN 0219-8878.

Selected publications:
• Catalin Ciupala. Fields and forms on rho-algebras. Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. -Math. Sciences, 112, pp. 57-65, 2005.


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