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Virgil-Florin Duma

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Arad, Romania

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Born: 1967

Interests: optics, measurement systems, fine mechanics, mechanisms

Virgil-Florin Duma is Professor of Engineering at the Aurel Vlaicu Univ. of Arad (UAVA), head and founder of the 3OM Optomechatronics Group, and PI of a Partnership Project ( of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research. He received his PhD cum laude in Fine Mechanics & Optics in 2001, from the Polytechnics Univ. of Timisoara (UPT), Romania, after graduating at UPT in 1991, first of year. He has worked at UPT since graduating until 2001, when he moved as an Assoc. Prof. at the UAVA, where he reached full professorship in 2006. He was awarded for 2009-2010 a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship at The Institute of Optics, Univ. of Rochester, NY, where he currently holds a Visiting Scientist position. He is also Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Univ. of Kent at Canterbury, UK, as well as Adjunct Prof. at the West Univ. of Timisoara and at UPT (at the latter, as PhD supervisor). Prof. Duma defended his Habilitation Thesis in 2013 at the Polytechnics Univ. of Bucharest. He is author of more than 180 publications in journals and conferences, 15 books & book chapters, 1 patent awarded and 2 patent applications pending ( His main research interests are in Measuring Systems, Optics, and Optomechatronics. Prof. Duma is a member of OSA and a Senior Member of SPIE.

ResearcherID: B-3031-2010

Selected publications:
• Craciunescu E., Sinescu C. *, Negrutiu M. L., Pop D. M., Lauer H. -C., Rominu M., Hutiu Gh., Bunoiu M., Duma V. -F. *, and Antoniac I. . Shear Bond Strength Tests of Zirconia Veneering Ceramics after Chipping Repair. J of Adhesion Science and Technology , 30(6), pp. 666-676, 2016.
• Duma V. -F. *, Dobre G., Demian D., Cernat R., Sinescu C., Topala F. I., Negrutiu M. L., Hutiu Gh., Bradu A., and Podoleanu A. Gh. . Handheld scanning probes for optical coherence tomography. Romanian Reports in Physics, 67(4), pp. 1346-1358, 2015.
• Duma V. -F. *, Tankam P., Huang J., Won J. J., and Rolland J. P. . Optimization of galvanometer scanning for Optical Coherence Tomography. Applied Optics, 54(17), pp. 5495-5507, 2015.
• Sinescu C., Negrutiu M. L., Bradu A., Duma V. -F. *, and Podoleanu A. Gh. . Noninvasive quantitative evaluation of the dentin layer during dental procedures using Optical Coherence Tomography. Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, p. 709076, 2015.
• Oancea R., Bradu A., Sinescu C. *, Negru R. M., Negrutiu M. L., Antoniac I., Duma V. -F., and Podoleanu A. Gh. . Assessment of the sealant/tooth interface using optical coherence tomography. J of Adhesion Science and Technology, 29(1), pp. 49-58, 2015.
• Hutiu Gh., Duma V. F. *, Demian D., Bradu A., and Podoleanu A. Gh. . Surface imaging of metallic material fractures using optical coherence tomography (OPEN ACCESS). Applied Optics, 53(26), pp. 5912-5916, 2014.
• Demian D., Duma V. F. *, Sinescu C., Negrutiu M. L., Cernat R., Topala F. I., Hutiu Gh., Bradu A., and Podoleanu A. Gh. . Design and testing of prototype handheld scanning probes for optical coherence tomography (OPEN ACCESS). Journal of Engineering in Medicine, 228(8), pp. 743-753, 2014.
• Duma V. F. . Prototypes and modulation functions of classical and novel configurations of optical chopper wheels. Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures, 10(1), pp. 5-18, 2013.
• Duma V. F. *, Lee K. -S., Meemon P., Rolland J. P. . Experimental investigations of the scanning functions of galvanometer-based scanners with applications in OCT. Applied Optics, 50(29), pp. 5735-5749, 2011.
• Duma V. F. . Optical choppers with circular-shaped windows: Modulation functions. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation (Elsevier) CNSNS, 16(5), pp. 2218-2224, 2011.
• Duma V. F. . Optimal Scanning Function of a Galvanometer Scanner for an Increased Duty Cycle. Optical Engineering, 49(10), p. 103001, 2010.
• Duma V. F. . Radiometric versus geometric, linear and non-linear vignetting coefficient. Applied Optics, 48(32), pp. 6355-6364, 2009.
• Duma V. F. *, Nicolov M. . Neutral density filters with Risley prisms: analysis and design. Applied Optics, 48(14), pp. 2678-2685, 2009.
• Duma V. F. . Theoretical approach on optical choppers for top-hat light beam distributions. J. of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, 10(6), p. 064008, 2008.

Publications from the ISI database, indexed between 2002-2011, produced in Romania:
• Duma, VF, Theoretical approach on optical choppers for top-hat light beam distributions. JOURNAL OF OPTICS A-PURE AND APPLIED OPTICS, 10 (6), p. , 2008.
• Duma, VF; Nicolov, M, Neutral density filters with Risley prisms: analysis and design. APPLIED OPTICS, 48 (14), pp. 2678-2685, 2009.
• Duma, VF, Radiometric versus geometric, linear, and nonlinear vignetting coefficient. APPLIED OPTICS, 48 (32), pp. 6355-6364, 2009.
• Duma, VF, Optimal scanning function of a galvanometer scanner for an increased duty cycle. OPTICAL ENGINEERING, 49 (10), p. , 2010.
• Duma, VF, Optical choppers with circular-shaped windows: Modulation functions. COMMUNICATIONS IN NONLINEAR SCIENCE AND NUMERICAL SIMULATION, 16 (5), pp. 2218-2224, 2011.
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