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Dana Cobzas

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

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Born: 1975

Interests: computer vision, variational methods, PDEs

My main research interest is centered around 3-dimensional modeling and in particular the principles and algorithms for computing 3D representations from 2D images and video. Modeling scenes from images is an interdisciplinary subject that combines recent results in projective geometry, reflectance and light modeling. Recently I started to work also in medical applications, in particular segmentation and registration in MRI images. This work intersects computer vision, computer graphics and mathematics.

Selected publications:
• Cobzas, D., Jagersand, M. and P. Sturm. 3D SSD Tracking with Estimated 3D Planes. Journal of Image and Vision Computing, in press, 2007.
• Cobzas, D. and Jagersand M. . 3D SSD Tracking from Uncalibrated Video. LNCS, 3667, pp. 25-37, 2006.
• Birkbeck, N., Cobzas, D., Sturm, P., Jagersand, M. . Variational Shape and Reflectance Estimation under Changing Light and Viewpoints. LNCS, 3951, pp. 536-549, 2006.
• Cobzas, D., Jagersand, M. and Zhang, H. . A Panoramic Model for Remote Robot Environment Mapping and Predictive Display. International Journal of Robotics and Automation, 20, pp. 25-34, 2005.
• Cobzas, D. and Jagersand M. . A comparison of Viewing Geometries for Augmented Reality. LNCS, 2749, pp. 501-508, 2003.
• Cobzas, D. and Jagersand, M. . Tracking and Rendering using Dynamic Textures and Geometric Structure from Motion. LNCS, 2352, pp. 415-432, 2002.
• Cobzas, D., Yerex, K. and Jagersand, M. . Dynamic Textures for Image-Based Rendering of Fine-Scale 3D Structure and Animation of Non-Rigid Motion. International Journal of the Eurographics Association, 21(3), pp. 493-502, 2002.

Theses and dissertations:
• D. Cobzas. Image-Based Models with Applications in Mobile Robotics. 2004.


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