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INCDCP - ICECHIM, Bucuresti, Departamentul Analize, Teste, Incercari, Bucuresti, Romania

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Born: 1982

Interests: X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence

Cristaline state/compozition studies by X-ray diffraction, compozition studies by X-ray fluorescence

Selected publications:
• Rodica-Mariana Ion, Mihaela-Lucia Ion, Radu Claudiu Fierascu, Sever. THERMAL ANALYSIS OF ROMANIAN ANCIENT CERAMICS. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, DOI: 10.1007/s10973-009-0226-x, 2009.
• Irina Dumitriu, Radu - Claudiu Fierascu, Ioana Raluca Bunghez, Rodica - Mariana Ion. Application of ICP-AES for water quality control. Environmental engineering and management journal, 8(2), pp. 347-352, 2009.
• R. Ianchis, D. Donescu, V. Purcar, R. C. Fierascu, C. Petcu, V. Raditoiu . Organic/inorganic hybrid latexes colored with azoic dyes. Optoelectronics and advanced materials - Rapid Communications, 3(1), pp. 77-82, 2009.
• Fierascu Radu - Claudiu, Ion Rodica - Mariana and Dumitriu Irina. Advanced new materials with various applications . In Proc. SPIE, , 7297, p. 72970H. 2009.
• Rodica - Mariana Ion, R. C. Fierascu and Irina Dumitriu. Photonic metallic nanostructures in photodynamic therapy . In Proc. SPIE, , 7297, p. 729723. 2009.
• Radu-Claudiu Fierascu, Irina Dumitriu, Mihaela-Lucia Ion, Adrian Catangiu and Rodica-Mariana Ion . SURFACE AND ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES STUDY OF ROMANIAN COINS . European Journal of Science and Theology, 5(1), pp. 17-28, 2009.
• R. M. Ion, D. Boros, M. L. Ion, I. Dumitriu, R. C. Fierascu, C. Radovici, G. Florea, C. Bercu . Combined spectral analysis (EDXRF, ICP-AES, XRD, FTIR) for caracterization of bronze roman mirror . Metalurgia International, XIII(5), pp. 61-65, 2008.
• R. M. Ion, M. L. Ion, V. I. R. Niculescu, I. Dumitriu, R. C. Fierascu, G. Florea, C. Bercu, S. Serban. Spectral analysis of original and restaurated ancient paper from romanian gospel . Romanian Journal of Physics, 53(5-6), 2008.
• Ion R. M., I. Dumitriu, D. Boros, D. Isac, M. L. Ion, R. C. Fierascu, A. Catangiu . Characterization of corrosion products on roman mirror . Metalurgia International, XIII(8), pp. 43-46, 2008.


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