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Mihai Dima

Facultatea de Fizica, Universitatea Bucuresti, Bucuresti, Romania

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Born: 1968

Interests: Physics of Climate Changes

My research activity is related to several topics:
- interannual to millennial climate variability
- separation of anthropogenically forced from natural climate variability
- using proxy records to reconstruct and understand climate variability
- climate-economics interactions.

ResearcherID: G-1370-2010

Selected publications:
• Dima M., and G. Lohmann. Hysteresis behavior of the Atlantic ocean circulation identified in observational data. Journal of Climate, 24(2), pp. 397-403, 2011.
• Dima, M., and G. Lohmann. Evidence for two distinct modes of large-scale ocean circulation changes over the last century. Journal of Climate, 23, pp. 5-16, 2011.
• Felis, T., Suzuki, A., Kuhnert, H., Dima, M., Lohmann, G., and Kawahata, H. Subtropical coral reveals abrupt early-twentieth-century freshening in the western North Pacific Ocean. Geology, 37, pp. 527-530, 2009.
• Dima, M, and G. Lohmann. Conceptual model for millennial climate variability: a possible combined solar-thermohaline circulation origin for the ~1, 500-year cycle. Climate Dynamics, 32(2-3), pp. 301-311, 2008.
• Dima, M., and G. Lohmann. A hemispheric mechanism for the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. Journal of Climate, 20(11), 2007.
• McGregor, H. V., M. Dima, H. W. Fischer, S. Mulitza. Rapid 20th Century increase in coastal upwelling off northwest Africa. Science, 315, pp. 637-639, 2007.
• Dima, M., G. Lohmann, and I. Dima. Solar-induced and internal climate variability at decadal timescales. International Journal of Climatology, 25, 2005.
• Rimbu, N., M. Dima, G. Lohman, and I. Musat. Seasonal prediction of Danube flow variability based on stable teleconnection with sea surface temperature. Geophysical Research Letters, 32, 2005.
• Dima, M., F. Thomas, L. Gerrit, and N. Rimbu. Distinct modes of bidecadal and multidecadal variability in a climate reconstruction of the last centuries from a South Pacific coral. Climate Dynamics, DOI 10.1007/s00382-005-0043-2, 2005.
• Rimbu, N., M. Dima, G. Lohmann, and S. Stefan. Impacts of the North Atlantic Oscillation and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation on Danube river flow variability. Geophysical Research Letters, 31, 2004.
• Dima, M., and G. Lohmann. Fundamental and derived modes of climate variability: concept and application to interannual timescales. Tellus, 56A, pp. 229-249, 2004.
• Lohmann, G., N. Rimbu, and M. Dima. Climate signature of solar irradiance variations: analysis of long-term instrumental, historical and proxy data. International Journal of Climatology, 24, 2004.
• Dima, M., N. Rimbu, and I. Dima. Arctic Oscillation variability generated through inter-ocean interactions. Geophysical Research Letters, 29, pp. 22:1-4, 2002.
• Rimbu, N., C. Boroneant, C. Buta, and M. Dima. Decadal variability of the Danube river streamflow in the lower basin and its relation with the North Atlantic Oscillation. International Journal of Climatology, 22, pp. 1169-1179, 2002.
• Dima, M., S. Stefan, V. Dima, and D. Borsan. Interdecadal variability generated by interactions between Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Geophysical Research Letters, 28, pp. 4459-4462, 2001.
• Dima, M., N. Rimbu, S. Stefan, and I. Dima. Quasi-Decadal Variability in the Atlantic Basin Involving Tropics-Midlatitudes and Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions. Journal of Climate, 14, pp. 823-832, 2001.
• Latif, M., D. Dommenget, M. Dima, and A. Grötzner. The Role of Indian Ocean SST in Forcing East African Rainfall Anomalies during December-January 1997/98. Journal of Climate, 12, pp. 3497-3504, 1999.


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