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Adrian C Apetri

YALE University/Howard Hughes Medical Institute, New Haven, USA

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Born: 1973

Interests: biophysics, protein chemistry, protein misfolding, prion diseases, amyloids, spectroscopy, chaperones

Folding and Misfolding of Human Prion protein followed by ultrafast mixing methods;
Mechanism of prion fibril formation;
Effect of Chaperones on the folding pathway of proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases;

Selected publications:
• Apetri, Adrian C. and Horwich, Arthur L. Chaperonin chamber accelerates protein folding through passive action of preventing aggregation. PNAS, 2008.
• Cobb Nathan J, Apetri Adrian C, Surewicz Witold K. . Prion protein amyloid formation under native-like conditions involves refolding of the c-terminal alpha -helical domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2008.
• Surewicz WK, Jones EM, Apetri AC. . The emerging principles of mammalian prion propagation and transmissibility barriers: Insight from studies in vitro. Acc Chem Res. (review), 39(9), pp. 654-62, 2006.
• Apetri AC, Maki K, Roder H, Surewicz WK. Early intermediate in human prion protein folding as evidenced by ultrarapid mixing experiments. J Am Chem Soc, 128(35), pp. 11673-8, 2006.
• Apetri AC, Vanik DL, Surewicz WK. . Polymorphism at residue 129 modulates the conformational conversion of the D178N variant of human prion protein 90-231. Biochemistry, 44(48), pp. 15880-8, 2005.
• Apetri AC, Surewicz K, Surewicz WK. . The effect of disease-associated mutations on the folding pathway of human prion protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279(17), pp. 18008-14, 2004.
• Apetri AC, Surewicz WK. Atypical effect of salts on the thermodynamic stability of human prion protein. Journal of Biological chemistry, 278(25), pp. 22187-92, 2003.
• Apetri AC, Surewicz WK. . Kinetic intermediate in the folding of human prion protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 277(47), pp. 44589-92, 2002.

Theses and dissertations:
• Adrian C Apetri. FOLDING OF THE PRION PROTEIN. 2004.


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