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Ilare Bordeasu

Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania

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Born: 1959

Interests: fluid mechanics, erosion of cavitation, hydraulic machines, hydraulic machine manufacturing technology, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, wind turbines,

27 research contracts and grants in cavitation area, 18 research contracts and grants in hydraulic machines and sistems, 180 scientific papers in cavitation and hydraulic machines and systems area, 30 scientific papers in maerials area, 10 speciality book

Selected publications:
• Ghita E., Gillich G. R., Bordeasu. I., Voda M., troi C., . Aspecte ale comportarii polimerilor la solicitari de tractiune. Chem. Abs. Materiale plastice, 46 (2), pp. 157-160, 2007.
• Barglazan M., Bordeasu I., Popoviciu, M. O. . Analysis of the Guide Vane Regulating Apparatus for Bulb-Type Units. Machine Design, Monograpf University of Novi Sad, pp. 191-196, 2007.
• Mitelea I., Bordeasu I., Popoviciu M., Hadar A., . Corrosion of Stainless Steels with " Soft" martensitic Structure. Revista de chimie, Vol. 58, Nr.2, pp. 254-257, 2007.
• Bordeasu Ilare. Eroziunea cavitationala a materialelor. Editura Politehnica, Timisoara, 2006.
• Tucu D-tru, Rotarescu V., Bordeasu I., Bayer M, Hadar A., . Considerations on the Relationship Between Product Quality and Milling System in Plastic Recycling. Materiale plastice, Vol. 43, Nr.4, pp. 308-311, 2006.
• Hadar A., Bordeasu I., Mitelea I., Vlasceanu D., . Experimental Validation of a Theoretical Model Used for Analysis of the Laminate Composite Structures. Materiale plastice, Vol. 43, Nr.1, pp. 70-73, 2006.
• Mitelea I., Bordeasu I., Hadar A., Mosila A., . Influence of Carbon and Nitrogen Concetration On the Friction Welding of Steels. Revista de chimie Vol. 57, Nr.10, pp. 1068-1072, 2006.
• Mitelea I., Bordeasu I., Hadar A., . Cavitation Erosion Characteristics of Stainles steels with controled transformation. Revista de chimie Vol. 57, Nr.2, pp. 215-220, 2006.
• Mitelea I., Bordeasu I., Hadar A., . The Effect of Nickel Content Upon Cavitation Erosion for Stainless Steels with 13% Chromium and less than 0, 1% Carbon. Revista de chimie Vol. 56, Nr.11, pp. 1169-1174, 2005.
• Popoviciu M., Bordeasu I. . Considerations regarding the total duration of vibratory cavitation erosion test. In Third International Symposium on Cavitation, Grenoble, , pp. 221-225. 1998.
• Bordeasu I., Anton I. . Correlation Between Cavi-tation Rate with Both Parameters of the Vibratory Apparatus and the Phisico-mechanical Properties of the Material. In Third International Symposium on Cavitation , Grenoble, pp. p. 199-202. 1998.


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