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Nicolae Buzbuchi

Universitatea Maritima din Constanta, Constanta, Romania

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Born: 1956

Interests: internal combustion engines, mechanical vibrations, ship system and machinery, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics

14 books, 116 scientific papers, 66 presentations, 25 research projects in marine engineering, 5 universitary research grants, 16 testing stands for marine equipments, 5 inovation claims (1 approved), 2 international awards, 5 courses of lectures in marine engineering, membership of 5 national and international scientific societies, 2 postdoctoral work abroad. Ph. D. supervisor in Mechanical Engineering.

Selected publications:
• Nicholas C. BUZBUCHI. Validation Among Theoretical Calculations of the Propeller Harmonic Excitation and Experiments. In Bulletin of the Marine Engineering Society in Japan (MESJ), the VI-th International Symposium on Marine Engineering ISME 2000, Tokyo. 2000.
• Cristian Dinescu, Emil Oanta, Nicolae Buzbuchi, Valentin A. Soloiu. Method Prediction for In-Cylinder Flows in Reciprocating Engines. Bulletin of the Eighth International Congress of IMAM, Istanbul Technical University, Maritime Faculty, 1997.
• Nicholas Buzbuchi, Emil Oanta, Cristian Dinescu. Marine Engine and Engine Room Simulation in System Design and Training in Constantza Maritime University. In The Proceedings of the International Maritime Lecturers' Association Newletter, the Third International Conference on Engine Room Simulation ICERS3, Svendborg, Denmark. 1997.
• Nicholas Buzbuchi, Dinu Taraza, Dimitrios. V. Lyridis. Theoretical and Experimental Study of the Torsional, Bending and Axial Coupled Vibration of Marine Diesel Engine Shafting System. In Bulletin of the Marine Engineering Society in Japan (MESJ), the Fifth International Symposium on Marine Engineering ISME, Yokohama. 1995.
• Dinu Taraza, Nicolae Buzbuchi, Jean Sever Popovici. Calculation of the Harmonic Structure of Marine Propeller Torque and Thrust. SAE Technical Paper Series 941698, 1994.
• Dinu Taraza, Nicolae Buzbuchi. Optimum Phasing of Engine and Propeller in Marine Propulsion Systems with Direct-Coupled Two-Stroke Engines. SAE Technical Paper Series 941697, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1994.


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