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Carmen Arsene

Institute for Nuclear Research / Institutul de Cercetari Nucleare, Pitesti, Romania

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Born: 1967

Interests: radionuclides, management, disposal, migration, safety assessment, site

Research activity:

A. Romanian R&D Radioactive Waste Management Program:

1. Development of technologies for conditioning of spent resins (contaminated with 137Cs, 134Cs, 60Co, 58Co, 57Co, 54Mn, 14C) generated from operation of Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 and of the spent resins resulted from the treatment of liquid waste:
- The establishing of conditioning technological processes of ion-exchange resins contaminated with C-14
- Conceiving, design and building of a pilot plant for conditioning of spent resins
- Immobilisation of spent resins in bitumen or/and cement and final products characterization

2. The programme on the safety analysis linked to the geological disposal of radioactive wastes:
The study of radionuclide migration in unsaturated soils

B. Projects within National Programmee for Development, Research & Innovation (MENER, CERES, CEEX):

- Participation in the characterization of geological medium of repository for low and intermediate radioactive waste from Cernavoda NPP and radionuclide migration modelling
- Modelling of radionuclide transfer process: Theoretical aspects for geochemical modelling of radionuclide transport (evaluation concept of radionuclide dissolving)
- Analitical methods for characterization and identification of radioactive waste
- Research studies for utilization of calixaren compounds in separation of metallic cations from radioactive waste

C. Phare Programmee: Development of the Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) for the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repository Baita Bihor

Selected publications:
• Carmen Arsene. H-3 and Am-241 migration studies in experimental plots. In Proceedings of XXX th Romanian Chemistry Conference. 2008.
• Carmen Arsene. Loss of 60 Co, 134 Cs and 137 Cs during the leaching test in the conditioned resins block. Revista de Chimie, ISSN: 0034-7752, CODEN RCBUAU, RefNum 36022929, VolIss 3609, Bucuresti, 55 (5), pp. 308-310, 2004.
• Carmen Arsene. Conditioning technology for radioactive waste resulted from the treatment of liquid waste from the Romanian Nuclear Power Plant. In Proceedings of WM03, HLW, TRU, LLW, Mixed, Hazardous Wastes and Environmental Restoration-Waste Management, Energy Security and a Clean Environment International Conference, Tucson, Arizona, cod INIS, 35076695, VolIss 3536. 2003.
• Carmen Arsene, Dumitru Negoiu. Experimental research of Am-241 migration from L/ILW in soils - transport parameters. In Baza date ASME, Proceedings of ICEM 03, p. 3. 2003.
• Carmen Arsene. Degradation products of the ion exchangers during the bituminization process of spent resin. Revista de Chimie ISSN: 0034-7752, Bucuresti , 53 (2), pp. 118-121, 2002.
• Carmen Arsene. Experimental research of 14C migration in loess and clay distribution coefficients and retardation factors. In Proceedings of ICEM' 01, International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management and Environmental Remediation, , Bruges, Belgia. 2001.
• Carmen Arsene. The pilot plant for conditioning the ion exchangers contaminated with C-14 generated by Cernavoda NPP. Revista de Chimie, ISSN: 0034-7752, Bucuresti, 52 (6), pp. 335-340, 2001.
• Carmen Arsene. Experimental research of H-3 migration in unsaturated soils of Saligny-site. Proceedings International Symposium on Nuclear Energy-SIEN-cod INIS, RefNum 33010485, VolIss 3311, cod INIS, RefNum 33010485,VolIss 3311, 2001.
• Carmen Arsene, M. Balasoiu, D. Negoiu. Leaching tests of immobilized ion exchangers contaminated with C-14. Volume 1-Thermal Sciences 2000, Proceedings of the International Centre of Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT), Volume 1, pp 557-560, ASME-ZSITS, ICHMT Digital Library Online, ISSN 961-91393-0-5, 2000.


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