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Gabriela M. ATANASIU

Universitatea Tehnica " Gh. Asachi" , Iasi, Romania

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Born: 1950

Interests: risk mangement, natural hazard, seismic, FE modeling/simulations, inelastic structural behaviour, seismic vulnerability

1974 - absolvent Institutul Politehnic Iasi, Facultatea de Constructii, sef promotie pe tara; 1969 - absolvent, Sef promotie, Liceul Teoretic de Matematica-Fizica " C. Negruzzi" Iasi, Clasa speciala de matermatica.

Titluri stiintifice si pozitii in invatamantul superior:
- - 1995, profesor universitar, Facultatea de Constructii si Instalatii, Universitatea Tehnica "Gh. Asachi" din Iasi,catedra Mecanica Constructiilor, 2000, conducator de doctorat
- 1983, Doctor in Stiinte ingineresti-Inginerie Civila;
- din 2004, Prodecan al Facultatii de Constructii si Instalatii si Director Departamentul de Integrare Europeana, Universitatea Tehnica " Gh. Asachi " Iasi
- 2000-2003, Director parte romina in Programul European de pre-aderare a Rominiei la UE, MATRA/PSO,. MATO Project/RM/9/1;
- 1991-1993, Director parte romana,S/T German Romanian Project X.058.1, c/o Professor H.G. Natke, University of Hannover, Germania;
- Director Proiect SIGISROSEISM in programul MENER din PNCDI 2001-2006; 2005-2007, Director CEEX-PDoc, Proiect 3202; 1999 - 2000, Director Directia Relatii Internationale si expert-invatamant superior MEC, Bucuresti, Romania.

Recunoastere stiintifica internationala
- 2004 -2007, membru Consiliul Stiintific al INTAS, Brussels;
- din 1994, membru in European Society of Mechanics EUROMECH, Brussels si al Gesselschaft fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanick, GAAM, Germania;
- din 1997, membru al American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE), Seismic Effects Committee, USA ; din 2000, Charter member of Structural Engineering Institute, SEI of ASCE, USA;
- din 2003, membru corespondent al American Romanian Academy of Science and Arts, ARA
- din 2002, Expert Evaluator al Journal of Computational&Structures,Saxa Coburg Publications, UK, cotat ISI;
- nominalizat 2005/2006 in "WHO'S WHO in Computational Science and Engineering" realizat de bordul revistei internationale Journal of Computers & Structures, UK, Saxa Coburg Publications, UK,

Promovare internationala a activitatii CDI
- Co/chair,International Conference "Performance based Engineering for 21 Century, PBE2004", Tokyo University /TU Iasi, August 2004;
- Chair, Comitetului de organizare al 1st Romanian /American Workshop on Information Processing of Damage Assesment, TU Iasi, 1999;
- Invited Research Professor in programul Guvernamental al Japoniei, JAERI in 2003;
- Fellowship DAAD/KAAD, 3 luni: 1994, 1998, 2003;
- Fulbright Fellowship/Reseach Professor, SUNY at Buffalo,SUA, 1996/1997.

Expertiza in domeniul evaluarii invatamintului superior si a cercetarii
- 2004-2006 membru Scientific Council CS of INTAS Brussels si evaluator proiecte internationale de cercetare;
- din 2005, membru Comisia de STIINTE Ingineresti CNCSIS;
- 2003 3 luni, Fellowship DAAD on Quality management of Higher Education programs, University of Duisburg -Essen, Germany, c/o Prof. dr. A. Hunger;
- dec 2000- martie 2003, Program Manager in MATRA/PSO Program, Project MATO/RM/9/1 on implementing Quality Assurance in Romanian universities, Bilateral The Netherlands - Romania EU preaccession Programme;
- 2005-2006, Expert evaluator Centre de cercetare CNCSIS, proiecte de cercetare in Programul CEEX, CNCSIS.

Invited Professor, co- chair, session chair /moderator
- May 2006, Invited Lecture in Sonderforchungs Program SFB398, Deutsche Forschunsgemeinschaft DFG, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Ruhr-University of Bochum, c/o Prof. F. Stangenberg;
- 2003, Learning from German Experience of Quality Management in Higher Education. Realities, Similarities and Common Perspectives of the Engineering Higher Education in Germany and Romania, DAAD Report November 2003, Bonn, Germany;
- 2003 Februarie, External Evaluation Reports of program studies in Romanian pilot universities, MATRA European Union Pre-accessing Program, Project MAT0/RM/9/1: Implementing Quality Assurance in Romanian Higher Education Institutions, Final report repsented to MEdC, Bucharest, Romania;
- September 2003, Deutsch-Rumänische Kooperation im international-überegionalen Netzwerk of Civil Engineering Faculties, suported by DAAD, Keynote Speaker at 2nd Workshop for Young Engineers, Budva - Muntegro;
- Visiting Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Spring Semester May 2003, Lectures on Structural Dynamics.
- Seminar/Lecture, JAERI, Foreign Researcher Inviting Program on Some Trends for Research in Computational based Earthquake Engineering, CCSE, Kansai Establishment, 8th of May, 2003;
- Session Chair at Fifth International Conference on Fracture & Strength of Solids, FEOFS October 20-23 2003, Sendai, Japan
- Visiting Professor/Fellowship Foreign Inviting Research Program, JAERI-CCSE, c/o University of Tokyo, Japan, 3 months 2003
- Session Chair, conferinte internationale, International Conference on Fracture and Strength of Solids, Dunhunag China 2002 and Sendai Japonia 2003;

Selectie de lucrari stiintifice
a) in domeniul InginerieiStructurale
- Atanasiu, G.M., Curcudel, N., 2005, An Enhanced Procedure for Seismic Monitoring of Damaged Complex R.C. Structures,in Key Engineering materials, pp.216-222,
- Leon, F., Atanasiu, G.M., Galea, D., 2006, Using Data Mining Techniques for the Management of Seismic Vulnerability, The Int. Conference on Experimental Mechanics, ICEM 2006, Jeju, Korea, September 2006, in print, Key Engineering Materials,
- Atanasiu, G.M., Leon, F., 2006, Evaluating the Vulnerability of Existing Infrastructure Exposed to Dynamic/Seismic Loading, Journal of Computational Technology of Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Branch, vol.11, part 3, Special issue Environmis, indexata in BDI
- Atanasiu, G.M, 2004, Re-evaluation of dynamical models of buildings using identification techniques, in K. Kishimoto, M, Kikuchi et. al., (eds.) in Advances in Fracture and failure prevention, Transtech Publications, covered by Key Engineering Materials, pp.771-777, Ltd., Zuerich, ISSN 1013 - 9826,
- Yagawa, G., Kikuchi, M., Bratianu, C., Atanasiu, G.M., (eds.), 2004, Performance based Engineering for 21st Century, Germi Publishing House., Iasi, ISBN 973 - 667-063-5.
- Atanasiu, G.M, Hazama, O.,, 2004, Seismic Simulations for Performance based Monitoring of Frame structures in: Stangenberg F. (ed), Lifetime oriented Design Concepts,Procc.ICLODC 2004, pp.449-458, ISBN 3- 00- 013257.
- Atanasiu, G.M., 2003, Damage Identification based simulations for a class of nonlinear structures, in: Mamtemin Geni & Masanori Kikuchi ed., Progress in Experimental and Computational Mechanics in Engineering, Trans Tech Publications Ltd., Key Engineering Materials, ISI quoted , Switzerland, pp 411- 415, ISBN 0-87849 913,
- Atanasiu, G.M., 2003, Simulation based monitoring of damaged structure's behavior during seismic events, in K. Talaganov (ed.), Computational Structural Dynamics, A. A. Balkema Publisher, pp.125-133, ISBN 90 5809 368 9.

b) in domeniul managementului universitar si asigurarii calitatii in invatamantul superior
- Atanasiu, G.M., Quality-a change generator of higher education, Invited paper, EUA Qforum Muenchen, november 2006,
- Atanasiu, G.M., Vlad, I., 2004, Impact of a "Learning by Doing" project on the academic evaluation culture, proceedings of the 29th Annual Congress of the American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences (ARA), Bochum 6/9 September 2004, Alma Mater Publishing House, pp.399-403, ISBN 973-632-140-1.
- Bratianu, C., Atanasiu G. M., 2002, Asigurarea Calitatii in invatamantul superior din Marea Britanie, Editura Economica, ISBN 973 590 665 1.

Selected publications:
• Atanasiu, G. M., Leon, F. . Evaluating the Vulnerability of Existing Infrastructure Exposed to Dynamic/Seismic Loading. Journal of Computational Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Branch, 11, part 3, special issue, Environmis, pp. 68-76, 2006.
• Leon, F., Atanasiu, G. M., Galea, D. . Using Data Mining Techniques for the Management of Seismic Vulnerability. The Int. Conference on Experimental Mechanics, ICEM 2006, Jeju, Korea, 2006.
• Atanasiu, G. M., Curcudel, N. An Enhanced Procedure for Seismic Monitoring of Damaged Complex R. C. Structures. Key Engineering Materials, ISI quoted Journal, pp. 216-222, 2005.
• Atanasiu, G. M. . Evaluation of dynamical models of buildings using identification techniques. In Kishimoto, K., Kukichi, M. (eds.), in Advances in Fracture and Failure Prevention, Transtech Publications, covered by Key Engineering Materials, ISI quoted Journal, pp. 771-777. Transtech Publications covered by http://www. scientific. net. , 2004.


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