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Florin Despa

University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

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Born: 1967

Interests: biomedical engineering, biomedical informatics, bioengineering, molecular biophysics, chemical physics

Florin Despa, PhD, is with the Department of Surgery (Plastics) of The University of Chicago. He joined the faculty after completing his research training in physical chemistry at The Univ. of Chicago, Department of Chemistry where he published numerous papers in the area of protein folding and dynamics of water at biological interfaces. Prior to his arrival at The Univ. of Chicago in 2000, Dr. Despa was with The Department of Physics at K.U. Leuven where he was awarded with a postdoctoral fellow of the Foundation for Scientific Research Flanders for studying physico-chemical properties of nano-systems. He was also a postdoctoral fellow of The Research Board of the K.U. Leuven and served as a research scientist in the Department of Theoretical Physics at The Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest. His current research studies focus on how water molecules next to proteins behave differently than ordinary water molecules, and how one can use magnetic resonance as a probe to determine the amount and nature of water-protein interaction and, specifically, to provide molecular-level information in clinical evaluation of injuries. He is also involved in studies aiming to understand cell crowding effects and their relation with thermodynamics of cellular proteins and the chaperone mechanism.

Selected publications:
• Raphael C. Lee, Florin Despa, Kimm J. Hamann. Cell Injury - Mechanisms, Responses and Repair. The New York Academy of Sciences, 2005.


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