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Victoria Arama

Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Carol Davila, Bucuresti, Romania

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Born: 1963

Interests: herpesviruses infections, hepatitis viruses infections, HIV infection, vaccines, viral oncogenesis, neutropenic infections, fungal infections, postgraft infections, materno-fetal infections, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, antivirals and antiviral resistance, antifungals and antifungal resistance, infections involved in chronic diseases.

Date of birth: 31 July 1963

Nationality: romanian

Languages: french, english

Curent position:
- Senior MD, PhD, "Prof. Dr. Matei Bals" Institute of Infectious Diseases, Bucharest, Romania. Chief of Department III
- Assistant Professor at "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania.
- Member of Medical Sciences Commission of CNCSIS.
- Vice President of Infectious Diseases Committee of Health Ministry.

Professional adress: Bucharest, 1 Dr. Calistrat Grozovici Street, 021105
Tel. +40.21.318 61 16 / 5200 / 5204 / 5203; Fax: +40.21.318 61 16; email :,

Details of medical licence, certification etc:
1987: Medical license - MD / "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacie, Bucharest, Romania
1994: Infectious Diseases Specialist
1999: Senior MD Infectious Dieases
2000: PhD in Medical Sciences (Human Herpesiruses Infections)

Post Graduate Position:
1987-1991: General practitioner
1991-1994: Infectious Diseases - resident (junior)
1994-1999: Infectious Diseases - specialist
Since 1999: Infectious Diseases - senior MD

Clinical research experience:

• Project coordinator for international grant "Cross-sectional study of HSV1 and HSV2 seroprevalence in Bucharest, Romania" (GSK Research & Development Limited, UK)
• Principal Investigator and National Study Coordinator for "Global Epidemiology and outcomes Reserach (GEOR) Database.OR EMEA Chronic Hepatites B longitudinal Survey (BELONG)"(Bristol-Myers Squibb EMEA France).
• Proiect PNCDI 2 Parteneriate - Proiect 1454 / 2007: LIMFO-VIR - Corelarea metodelor de diagnostic privind evaluarea implicarii virusurilor hepatitice in limfoproliferarile cronice - prevalenta infectiei si identificarea unor mecanisme moleculare implicate in oncogeneza.
• CNCSIS - project 848 / 2006: Evaluation Of Molecular Biology Techniques In Diagnosis Of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection And The Role Of CMV Viral Load In Progression Of Hiv Infection Among Patients On Antiretroviral Therapy
• Proiect PNCDI II, nr 2438 / 2007, acronim AVRI. Evaluarea profilului molecular al virusului gripal privind rezistenta la antivirale si relevanta clinica a acestuia. A castigat competitia cu 97,67 puncte (poztia 3)
• Proiect PNCDI II, Program 4 - Parteneriate in domenii Prioritare, acronim SLD-ART, Nr 3034 / 2008. Identificarea Pattern-urilor metabolismului lipidic si glucidic prin tehnici moderne de diagnostic la copii si adultii cu infectie HIV in terapie ARVsi corelarea cu riscul cardiovascular. Proiectul a castigat competitia cu 92,67 puncte.
• Proiect PNCDI II, Parteneriate, nr 2361 / 2008. Managementul Meningitelor bacteriene acute (MBA). Strategii moderne de investigatie si interventionale. Contract 42-116 / 2008. Proiectul a castigat competitia cu 88,33 puncte
• Proiect PNCDI II, Parteneriate, nr 4148/2008. Studiul mecanismului de actiune la nivel celular si al implicatiilor clinice ale aminoglicozidelor. Crearea unor protocoale de preventie a efectelor toxice. Proiectul a castigat competitia cu 91,33 puncte (pozitia 38)
• Investigator / co-investigator in over 10 phase III clincal studies
• CNCSIS/ CEEX reviewer (since 2005)and Member of Medical Sciences Committee of CNCSIS.

Number of publications:

- Victoria Arama, Adrian Streinu Cercel: "Infectii cu herpesvirusuri" - textbook of Herpesvirus infections (470 pag), 2002.
- Mircea Chiotan, Victoria Arama, Radu Chiotan: "Infectii de tract respirator inferior - clinica, diagnostic, tratament" (328 pag), 2004.
- A. Streinu Cercel, V. Arama - Gripa umana si aviara (240 pag). Bucuresti, 2006
- Autor / co-autor of 4 chapters (47 pages) in « Actualitati in limfoamele maligne non-hodgkiniene » Ana Maria Vladareanu. Editura Medicala Amalteea 2002. ISBN 973-9397-48-4. This monography received "Victor Babes" award of Romanian Academy for MEdical Sciences Domain.
- Autor of 3 chapters si coautor of 9 chapters(50 pages) in the monography "Limfoamele in corelatie cu virusurile limfotrope". Ana Maria Vladareanu.Editura Medicala Amalteea, 2007. ISBN 978-973-162-006-0.
- over 200 papers in medical publications
- over 25 contributions (chapters) in medical books

- Member of "Comite scientique international de la Revue Medicine et Maladies Infectieuses - Journal d'expression de la Societe de Pathologie Infectieuse de Langue Francaise (SPILF)" proposed by Prof. Dr. J.P. Stahl - Chief Editor of the journal and SPILF President. Journal edited by Elsevier Masson, ISSN 0399-077X; indexed for Medline / Index Medicus; Current Contents / Clical Medicine/ Embase / Excerpta Medica / Pascal / lnist - CNRS.
- Secretary General of the editorial of Therapeutics Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology. Journal B+ category CNCSIS ( Indexed for Index Copernicus, getCited, EBSCOhost Accepted and NLM.

Selected publications:
• Victoria Arama, Adrian Streinu Cercel, Alexandru Rafila, Rodica Bacruban, Raluca Sandu, Atena Negoita, . Varicella in Romania: epidemiological trends, 1986-2004. Eurosurveillance, vol 10, 2005.


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