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Ioan Bucur

Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Born: 1951

Interests: geology, paleontology, sedimentology

My research focus on carbonate shelf micropaleontology (calcareous algae, foraminifera) and carbonate sedimentology, biostratigraphy and paleoecology

Selected publications:
• BUCUR I. I., GRANIER B. & SCHLAGINTWEIT F. . Steinmanniporella, a new genus name for „Linoporella” with two orders of laterals. . Facies, 56(2), pp. 317-321, 2010.
• BUCUR I. I., GRANIER B. & SASARAN E. . Zittelina massei n. sp., a new dasycladacean alga from the Lower Cretaceous strata of Padurea Craiului (Apuseni Mountains, Romania). Facies, 56(3), pp. 445-457, 2010.
• BUCUR I. I., MUNNECKE A., GRANIER B. & YAN J. . Remarks on the Permian dasycladalean alga Sinoporella leei Yabe, 1949. Geobios, 42, pp. 221-231, 2009.
• BUCUR I. I., KIESSLING W. & SCASSO R. A. . Re description and neotypification of Archamphiroa jurassica Steinmann 1930, a calcareous red alga from the Jurassic of Argentina. . Journal of Paleontology, 83(6), pp. 961-967, 2009.
• KOCH R., BUCUR I. I., KIRMACI M. Z., MUHSIN E. & TASLI K. . Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous carbonate rocks of the Berdiga Limestone – sedimentation on an onbound platform with volcanic and episodic siliciclastic influx. Biostratigraphy, facies and diagenesis (Kirkaova, Kale-Gümüshane area; NE Turkey). . Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie-Abhandlungen, 247(1), pp. 23-61, 2008.
• BUCUR I. I. . Barremian-Aptian calcareous algae from Romania: an overview. Bolletino della Societa Geologica Italiana, 127(2), pp. 245-255, 2008.
• SAINT MARTIN J. P., MERLE D., CORNÉE J. J., FILIPESCU S., SAINT MARTIN S. & BUCUR I. I. . Les constructions corallines du badenien (Miocene moyen) de la bordure occidentale de la dépression de Transylvanie (Roumanie). C. R. Palevol, 6, pp. 37-46, 2007.
• BUCUR I. I., AANAUD-VANNEAU A. & ARNAUD H. . Remarks on Triploporella praturlonii Barattolo 1982 from the Lower Barremian of Southern Vercors (SE France). Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie-Abhandlungen, 244(2), pp. 133-141, 2007.
• BUCUR I. I. . Salpingoporella? popgrigorei, a new species of Dasycladales (calcareous algae) from the Lower Aptian deposits of Padurea Craiului (northern Apuseni Mountains, Romania). Facies, 53(3), pp. 377-388, 2007.
• BUCUR I. I. & SASARAN E. . Relationship between algae and environment: an Early Cretaceous case study, Trascau Mountains, Romania). Facies, 51(1-4), pp. 275-287, 2005.
• BUCUR I. I., SENOWBARI-DARYAN B. & MAJIDIFARD M. R. . Neocomian microfossil association from the Taft area near Yazd (Central Iran). Facies, 48, pp. 217-222, 2003.
• BUCUR I. I. & ENOS P. . Middle Triassic dasyclad algae from Guizhou, China. Micropaleontology, 47(4), pp. 317-338, 2001.
• BUCUR I. I., STRUTINSKI C., PAICA M. (. A new occurrence of Triassic deposits NE of Oravita (Southern Carpathians, Rumania) and its paleotectonic significance. Geologica Carpathica, 48(1), pp. 39-48, 1997.
• BUCUR I. I. . Calpionellids and calcispheres from the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous deposits in the Resita-Moldova Noua zone, Southern Carpathians, Romania. Cretaceous Research, 13, pp. 565-576, 1992.


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