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Silviu Constantin

" Emil Racovita" Institute of Speleology, Bucharest, România

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Născut(ă) în 1964

Interese: karst, paleoclimate, U-series dating, palaeogeography, speleology

Current: Paleoclimate and paleogeographic reconstructions as derived from cave & karst deposits. U-series dating of secondary calcite from caves' environment by alpha-spectroscopy TIMS and ICP-MS.

ResearcherID: D-1650-2010

Publicații relevante:
• O. T. Moldovan, S. Constantin, C. Panaiotu, R. D. Roban, P. Frenzel, and L. Miko. Fossil invertebrates records in cave sediments and paleoenvironmental assessments – a study of four cave sites from Romanian Carpathians. Biogeosciences, 13, pp. 483-497, 2016.
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