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Mesaros Claudiu

Universitatea de Vest, Timisoara, Romania

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Born: 1974

Interests: philosophy, history of philosophy, ancient philosophy, medieval philosophy, modern philosophy

PhD. Lecturer, West University, Timisoara. Teaces History of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Philosophy, Aristotle. Co-editor of Abelard's Commentaries to Porphyry.

Selected publications:
• Claudiu Mesaros. Abelard si respingerea realismului. In Simona Vucu (traducator, note, tabel cronologic), Claudiu Mesaros (note, tabel cronologic, postfata) (eds.), Pierre Abelard. Comentarii la Porfir, pp. 177-216. Polirom, 2006.
• Claudiu Mesaros. Despre conceptul de natura in Politica lui Aristotel. In Vasile Musca, Alexander Baumgarten (eds.), Filosofia Politica a lui Aristotel, pp. 223-240. Polirom, 2002.

Theses and dissertations:
• Claudiu Mesaros. Ontology of Time in Aristotle. 2004.


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