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Teodor I. Burghelea

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

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Born: 1975

Interests: Complex Fluids, Non Linear Hydrodynamics

I focus on several issues related to the hydrodynamics of complex fluids, chaotic fluid motion:
- elastic turbulence of dilute solutions of linear polymers
- the solid-fluid transition in yield stress fluids
- the transition to turbulence of a yield stress shear thinning fluid
-drag reduction in plastic fluids
- develop "smart fluids" that adapt their local rheology to the flow environment

Selected publications:
• T. Burghelea, E. Segre, V. Steinberg. Validity of the Taylor hypothesis in a random spatially smooth flow. Phys. Fluids, 17, p. 103101, 2005.
• T. Burghelea, E. Segre and V. Steinberg. Statistics of particle pair separations in the elastic turbulent flow of a dilute polymer solution. Euro Phys. Letters, 68, p. 529, 2004.
• Teodor Burghelea, Enrico Segre, Israel Bar-Joseph, Alex Groisman, Victor Steinberg. Chaotic flow and efficient mixing in a micro-channel with a polymer solution. Physical Review E, 69, p. 066305, 2004.
• T. Burghelea, E. Segre and Victor Steinberg. Mixing by polymers: experimental test of decay regime of mixing, . Physical Review Letters, 92, p. 164501, 2004.
• T. Burghelea, V. Steinberg. Wave drag due to generation of capillary-gravity surface waves. Physical Review E, 66, p. 051204, 2002.
• T. Burghelea, V. Steinberg and P. H. Diamond. Internal viscoelastic waves in a circular Couette flow of a dilute polymer solution. Euro Phys. Letters, 60, p. 704, 2002.
• T. Burghelea, V. Steinberg. Onset of Wave Drag Due to Generation of Capillary-Gravity Waves by a Moving Object as a Critical Phenomenon. Physical Review Letters, 86, p. 2557, 2001.


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