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Simona Bungau

University of Oradea, Oradea, Romania

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Born: 1967

Interests: analitical chemistry, kinetic methods, application of analitical chemistry in the domain of bio-molecules

Kinetics aplication in analitical chemistry and in biochemistry

Selected publications:
• Bungau, S, Dragan, F, Moldovan. Synthesis and analysis of the ionic association complexes of metoprolol. REVISTA DE CHIMIE, 56 (6), pp. 652-654, 2005.
• Dragan, F, Bungau, S, Moldovan. The synthesis and the analysis of ionic association complexes of atenolol. . REVISTA DE CHIMIE, 56 (7), pp. 738-741, 2005.
• Bungau, S, Copolovici, L, Baldea, I, Merca, V. Pyridoxine determination from pharmaceutical products using two kinetic methods. REVISTA DE CHIMIE, 55 (12, pp. 1009-1013, 2004.
• Bungau, S, Copolovici, L, Baldea, I, Szabo, I. The determination of methionine from pharmaceutical products using the redox reaction with potassium permanganate. REVISTA DE CHIMIE, 55 (11, pp. 886-888, 2004.
• Bungau, S, Baldea, I, Copolovici, L. The determination of ascorbic acid from fruits using a landolt type method. REVISTA DE CHIMIE, 54 (3), pp. 213-216, 2003.

Theses and dissertations:
• Bungau Simona. Cinetici de tip Landolt in chimia analitica. 2003.


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